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conservative management

Conservative Management – Koko

Koko is a 58 pound Labradoodle. She will be 9 in October. We were told she tore her right CCL in 2009, but we did not do surgery. We kept her activity down and began daily glucosamine and fish oil. Recently, she started limping again with the cold weather. We put her on Rimadyl and […]

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Lateral Suture Dog Surgery

Lateral Suture Technique for Small Breeds – Mack

My little Coton De Tulear, Mack, tore his ACL/CCL on the night of Feb 4th, 2013. He’s an extremely athletic and fast little guy – loves to jump and move at the speed of light outside. He thinks he’s the head of National Security of the Street, and I believe his ACL finally gave out […]

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Success Using Both CM & Traditional Surgery – Buck’s Knees

I adopted my dog, Buck, as a young adult in July, 2009. He was separated from his brother at adoption and we soon found out he suffered serious separation anxiety. He was approximately one year old. In May, 2011, we were at a dog park and he was running full speed and collided hip to […]

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PTLO Surgery for Dogs

Extracapsular Repair for Large Dogs – Thor

Our 110 lb. 2 1/2 yr. old German Shepherd started limping in August, 2011.on his left rear leg. By August he was holding his leg up now and then, so we took him to our vet to be checked. After xrays and exams he was diagnosed with a torn ACL. Our vet told us to […]

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Knee Injuries in Labs

Traditional Repair in Labradors – Abby

Abby is a gorgeous, long legged black lab. She must be am mix of some kind, because she is tall and thin. She used to run like a gazelle and was full of energy. We have 3 boys and one day (after she was chasing them around the yard on their ride on jeep) she […]

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TPLO and Traditional Repair Surgery for Dogs

Conservative Management, Traditional Repair and TPLO – Forrest Gumbo’s Story

About 3 years ago Forrest Gumbo, our approximately 3-year-old, healthy 45-pound pit bull that we adopted at 9 months old, the love of my life, was doing his usual figure 8 “zoomies” after one of our morning runs and he injured his right rear leg. He limped a little for a bit and always seemed […]

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Dog ACL Repair Small Dogs

Traditional Repair for Small Dogs – Amy

Amy is a 4 year old rescue dog, a jack russell/pomeranian cross who lives with me and “brother”, Elliott – a 9 year old Jack Russell. She appeared lame on 15th March and her vet confirmed a torn cruciate ligament on her left rear leg. There was no apparent cause, but she had been very […]

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Traditional Dog Knee Ligament Repair

Traditional Extracapsular Ligament Repair – Dalila

The day after Thanksgiving 2011, I took both my dogs, Samson (5 yr old Lab/Pit mix) and Dalila (2 yr old Border Collie mix), to the dog park so they could have time to run. They played hard for 2 hours, and Dalila spent most of her time running with the pack, her favorite activity. […]

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Dog Knee Surgery

Extracapsular Repair Surgery (Traditional) – Tide

My 4 year old black Lab, Tide, had the Traditional Repair done on her knee back in December 2008. Onset of Cruciate Ligament Injury At about 5 1/2 months old Tide started to limp. Of course, being the crazy worried Mommy that I am, I thought Hip Dysplasia right away. Off to the vet we […]

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Dog Ligament Repair Surgery

A Tightrope Repair Surgery Story – Lucas

The decision to have surgery. My dog, Lucas, is a very active/jumpy 3 year old pitbull / boxer mix. I noticed some lameness in his leg about a year ago, but it seemed to go away on its own. The real problem started after introducing my boyfriend’s 2 year old lab mix to him. They […]

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