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traditional repair

Traditional Repair – Maggie

I am writing to share Maggie’s story because when I found out about her injury I scoured the internet for stories relating to cruciate injuries and this website was my saving grace! We adopted Maggie at 8 weeks old as a rescue pup from New Mexico. We are avid hikers so Maggie was always hiking […]

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Traditional Extracapsular Repair – Periwinkle

Hey there! It is with great pleasure that I share Periwinkle’s success with her “traditional” knee repair surgery. Winksy is a 6-ish year old pit bull terrier or mix. I am sharing this story 3 years after Winksy’s surgery because I wanted to give the repair time to succeed or fail, so to speak. My […]

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Extracapsular Surgery for Dogs – Santos

Santos is a rescued/adopted 7 year old Greyhound and Dalmatian mix with diabetes diagnosed one year ago. Santos had a full tear with no meniscus damage. I attempted CM (Conservative Management) for 1.5 months with him getting worse. I decided to get the knee surgically repaired. Because of his diabetes, I brought him home the […]

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MRSA and Dog Surgery

Moby – Conservative Management

Moby is a 2.5 yr old, neutered lab. About 6 weeks ago, he became leg-in-the-air lame on his left hind leg after an acute injury. This was diagnosed as an acute acl tear or rupture. But in retrospect, I think he was displaying a whole set of subtle symptoms that both knees were in trouble, […]

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Kona – Double Extracapular Repair

I am very concerned after our visit to the Vet last night. Kona our 72 lb. Lab is needing surgery on BOTH back legs! She was running around a few days ago with the neighbor kids and came back in limping. One knee is completely ruptured and the other torn. Our Vet warned us that […]

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Dog Knee Surgery

Extracapsular Repair Surgery (Traditional) – Tide

My 4 year old black Lab, Tide, had the Traditional Repair done on her knee back in December 2008. Onset of Cruciate Ligament Injury At about 5 1/2 months old Tide started to limp. Of course, being the crazy worried Mommy that I am, I thought Hip Dysplasia right away. Off to the vet we […]

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Duke Throne cropped

Extracapsular Imbrication (Traditional Repair) – Duke

Duke, age 5, 110-lb, Black Lab tore his ACL in January of this year. Tried conservative management, but seemed to have frequent relapses. Took to UofFL small animal hospital, and they wanted to do TPLO. My local Vet then suggested doing a TTA. I decided to try CM a little longer and told him so. […]

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Couch Potato

Traditional CCL Repair for Small Dogs – Baxter

Baxter, our 23 pound Malti-Poo came inside from an energetic play session one night a few months ago with a significant limp. We were concerned of course, but by the next morning it had improved and largely disapeared a few days later. Over the next few months, he would occasionally start limping again for a […]

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Traditional Repair: Extracapsular Stabilization – Ellyot

This has been one of the most stressful decisions I’ve ever been presented with… Elly is my 14 y.o. husky mix. He’s had generally good health; I’ve had him since he was a pup. I wanted to do the conservative maintenance, but the more I researched the more I realized that we needed to try […]

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Traditional Surgery for Large Breeds – Garth the Lab

[ad#medsquareright250] My very active and large Labrador retriever partially tore his right CCL when he was only 9 months old. My vet examined him under sedation and the knee was stable albeit slightly more loose than the other side. He was put on 8 weeks of rest and Previcox. I leash walked him for the […]

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