FAQ’s on Share Your Story

CCL Repairs in Dogs

Q: Will you publish my email address and name?

A: Your email address and name will remain confidential, I will only publish the name of your pet.

Q: Where can I find my story?

A: All of the stories will be published in the “Owner Submissions” category.  You can get to this by either going to the top of the page where it says “Categories” and going to “Owner Submissions” or you can get to them directly by visiting https://dogkneeinjury.com/category/owner-experiences/

Q: What if I want to keep you updated on my dog’s progress?

A: Great!  All you need to do to keep us updated is fill out the form with the updated information.  If you are going to be providing updates it would be helpful to have your dog’s name, type of surgery/CM/alternative treatment and where you are at post-operatively or on a timeline.  ex)  Tucker, Traditional Repair, 2 Weeks Post-Op or ex)  Guapo, Conservative Management, 1 Month.  If you find the form to be tedious you can feel free to Contact Me and we can correspond via email.

I’ll be updating this as questions arise.  Thank you again for your willingness to share your story and help other dog owners!