Should My Dog Use Adequan For a Cruciate Ligament Injury?

dog with injured cruciate ligament

If your dog has experienced either a minor tear or a complete rupture of its ACL, you may be looking for a variety of treatment options. Surgery may be the most appropriate course of action, and even if surgery occurs, it may be well worth considering Adequan in your treatment plan. Although not originally intended…

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Should I Put Down A Dog With A Torn ACL?

Old dog at vet with torn ACL

For most of us, having a pet means loving an additional family member. This means that while our dogs are animals, the heart does not necessarily discern between love for another human versus an animal. Therefore the decision to put your pet down will always be an incredibly challenging one.  Typically owners will choose to…

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Long Term ACL Tearing In Dogs: Catch The Injury Early For Best Results

When that ‘pop’ sound of a sudden CCL tear in a dog’s knee happens, it is pretty obvious to the owner that an injury has occurred. But what happens when a dog’s knee ligaments experience a slow decline into lameness? For most dogs who suffer from an ACL tear, it is actually more of a…

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Dog Knee Injuries And The Cold Winter Months: How To Protect Your Dog’s Knees In Icy Conditions

The cold winter months can present an increase in dog knee injuries in northern climates with slippery icy conditions. Whether your dog has recovered from dog knee surgery or if you are looking to prevent a tear in your dog’s ACL, then there are a few things to consider during the iciest times of year. …

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Surgery Financing For Dog Cruciate Ligament Repair

Dog Knee Surgery Financing

The cost of pet ownership comes with a high price tag, a price many Americans are willing to pay with over 63 million dog owners in the US alone. Americans spend $1 billion on pet insurance each year, and while this can be a great option for many dog owner’s, it is not the only…

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Partial Cruciate Ligament Tears In Dogs- Is Surgery Needed?

Is Surgery Necessary?

 The pet industry is a multi billion dollar a year venture, and this includes veterinarian care. Naturally, there are situations when surgery is the only option, but like any profit driven business, a clinic makes more money if more dogs are undergoing extensive surgery. So, does your dog really need surgery with a partial cruciate…

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Can A Dog Walk With A Torn ACL?

Can A Dog Walk After A Torn ACL

The degree of ‘lameness’ that a dog experiences after a torn ACL really depends on the extent of the tear. Minor sprains and tears will leave the dog with a mild limp, while complete ruptures may completely prevent basic mobility for your dog.  In most cases dogs can walk with a torn ACL. This walk…

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Dog Knee Surgery Success Rates: TPLO, Tightrope, TTA, and Traditional Extracapsular Repair Surgery

Before investing in knee surgery for your dog, it would be wise to look at the statistical information surrounding the success rates of each specific type of surgery. Hind knee tears in dogs is the leading cause of lameness and pain for domesticated canines, and according to NIH, there is no absolute gold standard to…

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Does A Dog’s Size Impact Surgery Success For Cruciate Ligament Repair?

The size of the dog who has injured their ACL is relevant in both the success of the surgery and overall recovery.  When it comes to tearing cranial cruciate ligament, smaller dogs are at an absolute advantage over their larger counterparts in all areas.  Studies suggest that not only is surgery more successful in smaller…

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Dog ACL Surgery Alternatives In 2021

Invasive and expensive surgery options for torn CCLs in dogs may not be available or appealing to many dog owners.  Luckily there are both older and emerging alternatives to surgery that are available to this demographic. If you are looking for alternative care for your dog’s torn ACL, then it will not take long to…

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