Traditional Repair in Labradors – Abby

Knee Injuries in Labs

Abby is a gorgeous, long legged black lab. She must be am mix of some kind, because she is tall and thin. She used to run like a gazelle and was full of energy.

We have 3 boys and one day (after she was chasing them around the yard on their ride on jeep) she came in holding her foot up. Thinking nothing of it, having had dogs before and never seeing this before, we waited about 2 weeks to get her looked at. She was doing, what we now know is the typical “toe tap”

She was diagnosed as having a torn acl (or ccl in dogs). Even though it was a partial tear, the surgery method was the same. They did a traditional repair surgery and hooked her knee back together with something like a strong “fishing line”.

We went with it, paid $1500 and after 6 months of careful rehab, she is 90% back to her usual self. It was a great decision with a great outcome!

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