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right knee tplo

Right Knee TPLO – Betty

Four weeks ago my 6-year-old Greater Swiss Mountain Betty, who is very active and very healthy, tore her cruciate ligament and began limping. We love our dog very much and of course took her to a vet who did x-rays and an exam and recommended a surgical hospital that had board certified surgeons who taught […]

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Tightrope Surgery Infection – Benny

Benny, our three-year-old Staffordshire mix, had damaged both left and right CCLs. After much shopping, research, and talking to vets, we decided on tightrope repair. We had the RH hind leg done first. Post surgery went well until we got off of the antibiotics, when a horrible infection set in. All of the equipment had […]

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TTO Surgery for Dogs

TTO and MMP Surgery for Dogs – Heidi

Heidi had her first CCL repair surgery (TTO) in December 2011 and her second (MMP) about 6 months later. Everything went well following both surgeries and we were problem free for about a year. Then Heidi developed a suspicious knot on her knee that worsened with exercise. It developed into an abscess and ultimately it […]

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C.T. Brady – Ruptured CCL

C.T. Brady is a Brittany who will be 13 on Christmas 2013. He was born with a crooked spine (his short tail is canted severely to the left; the C.T. is for “Crook Tail”) and he has very straight stifles (or rear knees) in his hind end. He’s always had a funky gait and the […]

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Second Tear Immediately Following TPLO - Domino

Second Tear Immediately Following TPLO – Domino

Hey everyone, posting this because I could not find any stories with this particular complication on the web. I have an 8? year old rescued lab/pitt/dane? neutered male who weighs about 80 lbs. Initially presented with intermittent lameness on both sides (alternating) which finally made its source abundantly clear when he came in from playing […]

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MRSA and Dog Surgery

MRSA Following TPLO Surgery – Dax

This is actually my son’s dog but he lives with me and I’m his caretaker. Just over 2 years old, Dax tore both ACL’s. TPLO was done on the worst leg 6 months ago. After a long recovery, he was finally walking and doing a little running without limping. In fact, 3 weeks ago I […]

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Tightrope Repair Complications

Tightrope Repair Complications – Axel

I have a 3 year old Rottweiler, Axel. I think the problem started in June 2010, during a dog park playdate. After then he was limping on his back right leg. I took him to the vet and she said that it was a partial tear, so to keep him calm and give him pain […]

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Rosie 002

TPLO Surgery Complications & Staph Infection – Rosie

My 1-yr old rottweiler, Rosie, suffered a right broken leg in May 2010. In Nov. 2010, she had TPLO surgery in an Orthopedic Hospital to repair the CCL and correct the angles in her leg. Two weeks post-op, she developed severe swelling in her leg & abdomen, and a fever. I took her to my […]

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Tplo Complications in Dogs – Hammer

My Schutzhund competition dog had tplo surgery 6 months ago. His recovery was very slow. I did plenty of low impact therapy from month one, then put him back on Rimadyl when the surgeon advised that he should be able do everything he did prior to surgery. After some hard training work, he developed a […]

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TTA Repair Complications

For both humans and animals alike, any surgical procedure carries a risk of complications. You dog should have a full evaluation done, complete with blood work and other baseline testing, prior to surgery to help minimize any risks. Pre-surgical testing can often diminish the risk of death from anesthesia and other preventable complications related to […]

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