TPLO Complications – Lexi

TPLO complications

Lexi is a two-year-old Lab cross who injured her left knee playing with another dog on April 28, 2017. She was running and made a a quick turn and gave a loud cry and came up lame. I took her to the local vet the next day where they confirmed that she had torn her CCL and they recommended that she have TPLO surgery. She had her surgery on May 17th and her recovery seemed to be going very well until June 30th when she started limping again. I took her back for x-rays on July 3rd and they revealed that she had suffered a tibial crest fracture which meant she would be confined to her kennel for another four weeks.

On August 3rd she started limping again and seemed to be favoring her right leg. A visit to the vet confirmed our worst fears. She had torn the CCL ligament in her right leg. X-rays revealed that the tibial crest fracture in her left leg was still not healed so surgery on her right leg was not recommended at this time.

It is now September and Lexi is still confined to her kennel and only goes outside to go to the bathroom. She goes back to the vet next week for more x-rays and we have to decide what to do next. If she was ten years old the decision would be much easier but she is only two years old. We are wondering if anyone out there has experienced anything like this and has some advice for us.

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  1. Ahhh. YIKES!
    Well, the tibial crest fracture happens when there is too much of the wrong activity begore healing is complete, OR after healing and ruff housing occurs and another dog lands on that leg.
    So, the good news is she will heal from both.
    I would def have the TPLO done in the other leg, buy some baby gates and wait it out for four months.
    Are you having an orthopedic surgeon do the surgery or your reg vet?
    Also expect some muscle wasting.. but your dog can and will rebuild it .
    Keep passive exercise happening
    Are you giving supplements?
    Hugs to all of you

      1. Joint support – mussel powder
        Glycoflex 3
        Adequen -this is an Rx

        Lots of babygates!!
        Crate time!!

  2. Hi – So sorry you are going through this. My 4 year old golden fractured her tibial crest immediately after surgery in September while still at the hospital. She also tore out the plate and screws from her TPLO surgery and had to have the whole thing repeated. The surgeon advised that she might have to have an amputation if healing did not occur. We are now at just about 8 weeks post surgery. I have spent all my time with her, have slept with her in the basement for two months since she can’t climb stairs, and have slowly increased her activity as the weeks go on. We are now up to 15 minute walks 3x daily and will go for x-rays at the beginning of the week. My dog seems to think that she is good to go so it is very hard to keep her quiet at this point. We are waiting for the other shoe to drop when she injures her good leg. I feel badly for you for what you are going through but just want you to know that your dog will recover. It’s not fun for sure!

  3. I’m so sorry these babies had to go through this trauma.

    My dog is a 150 lb Mastiff. We have been told that he needs this surgery. At the same time we were told that he has a little bit of hip dysphasia in his other hip. I’m really worried about it.

  4. I have a 4 year old rottie who underwent a left knee TTA – healed perfect! December is 16 she underwent a TpLO surgery and it’s never been right! Her bones are breaking apart! Just found out she has a mass cell tumor on her front left wrist! Please pray! We’ve got over 7000.00 into her and I feel I’m letting her suffer! I hate it! Prayers to your baby, as well

  5. Hi I have an 8 year old 40kilo Lab. He tore his cruciate in Oct 2017 ( left leg]. had TPLO surgery, two weeks into recovery and weigh bearing he started to tip toe on the right side ! x rays revealed Bi Latteral. however we agreed with the vet to medicate with pain killers and not operate until original leg had sufficiently healed.
    10 weeks post surgery and up to 20 min walks 3 times. day we were ready for the surgery on the right leg. Surgery went well 3 weeks post surgery full wight bearing doing much better than first op and something went wrong, The simplelist kicking up grass after a poop – limping again, Back to the vets, x-rays showed the bone had cracked and the plate/ screws had come away.
    3rd surgery to repair crack with more pins/wires – 3 days post surgery he is fed up and on very strict regime.
    This goes to show it doesn’t matter if you do the right thing , coz believe me i followed the rules – things can happen. 2 legs same treatment 2 different results,
    i have to hope this will do the trick as I hate to think what we could do next. it’s a long haul be under no illusions – and only dog lovers will understand the worry. Go for it but follow through on perscribed recovery plans, but if it goes wrong don’t blame yourself x

    1. Great advice!
      My dog had a metal reaction and had the plate and screws removed at 10 mos post op. I am THRILLED that hardware is out of her.
      In Europe it is SOP to remove it after the bone is healed.
      The “metal reaction” was seen as a tibial thrust that appeared and was interfering w stretching, etc.
      Follow the rules. It is not easy.
      TPLO in Sept., 2016. Back n Agility ring October, 2017

  6. I’m so worry, my dog Daisy is a 6 years old mix terrier and she ruptured her acl on her left back leg. Tomorrow morning she’s having surgery. Reading all of your stories make me feel hopeful.

  7. So I have an almost 8 year old yellow lab who had surgery last spring on his leg after a ccl tear. 12 weeks of trying to keep a dog from not jumping like a kangaroo after he started to feel better was an act of God! Here we are a 7 months from recovery phase and he injured his other leg…and his leg he had surgery on is still not entirely 100%. So I started researching alternatives to surgery. i’m looking at orthopedic custom knee braces and after researching those, found one that works with your vet, the vet makes the cast they send and it is sent to make the customer brace. It runs about $800 for the brace. They are out of Nebraska. I’m not sure if I can post the website, (I’m not affiliated at all just a dog owner who doesn’t want to burden my dog with a long recovery that hasn’t been 100 percent. I would suggest looking into it. the site is Maybe discuss with your vet and see if it is something to try?

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