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I have a Golden Retriever (Peyton) and a black Lab mix (Duke). In May of 2015, as we were preparing for my sons graduation from high school and heading to college, Duke and Peyton were playing in the backyard when Duke came in limping on his back left leg.

With college on the horizon, we tried many things and a couple months later he was still limping, but didn’t seem in pain. When we went to the veterinarian, they said he had a torn ACL and needed surgery. We explained we have a son going to college and couldn’t afford the $4,000 treatment. She provided melodicam until we could decide what to do for Duke.

I found Cosequin DS MSM at Costco, pulled up some quick online reviews (all very positive) and decided it couldn’t hurt. He was already on a diet to lose weight (85 pounds) and I limited his activity (no running). Within a few weeks he was showing signs of improvement and up until this week he was doing great.

Now he is limping again (and is still on the Cosequin) and I have seen that the same company that produces Cosequin has another product, Dasuquin. Dasuquin has an additional ingredient for anti inflammatory and cartilage restoration. Also, a lady/worker at our local pet store said if Cosequin stopped working to go to the next level, Dasuquin. I am going to give it a try. My fear is his resistance to the Dasuquin since he has been on the Cosequin so long. I am going to go back to restricting his activity, lose some more weight, add in more Omega-3’s and protein and use the Dasuquin.

Has anyone else had this or a similar experience and did anything help with a reoccurrence?

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  1. Hi, I suggest you read the website tiggerpoz, it will help answer your questions.

    We are not going with surgery with our English mastiff, 160 pounds, who was diagnosed with a partial CCL tear in May, and have had several setbacks as she heals. The most recent setback was 3 weeks ago, when I could not hold her and she ran about 20 feet in the yard. She was back to walking on 3 legs but is slowly improving.

    For each setback (and running was the worst one) we go back to restricting her activity as much as in the original injury; Max on tiggerpoz has very detailed information on how to do this, as well as references about supplements.

    I tried both Cosequin and Dasuquin, but neither was as effective for our dog as NuJoint DS. After 3 days on NuJoint and with restricted activity (only potty breaks), her limp vanished.

    FWIW, our mastiff now gets NuJoint DS (glucosamine, chondroitin sulfate with MSM and Ester C), Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Green Lipped Mussel, Turmeric (for inflammation), salmon oil and Lubrisyn HA at therapeutic doses, obviously much higher than maintenance doses. I am getting a photonic torch to add red light therapy to her treatment.

    I buy the salmon oil and Lubrisyn HA on Amazon, the vitamins and herbs at iherb, and the Green Lipped Mussel through XtendLife, in Australia.

    Hope this helps, and best of luck with your dog. If after you read tigger poz website you still have questions, you can send the owner an email and he will respond. There is so much information on that site that it took me several weeks to appreciate all the details. I keep rereading to be sure I stay on track.

  2. I’d like to recommend Cold Laser. We bought one
    on Amazon and it’s been fantastic! Our Izzi tore hers years ago. We couldn’t afford the $3,000 surgery at the time and then she blew the other knee! Now we’re talking $6,000! That’s just ridiculous! We love our girl and truly don’t want her in pain so we’ve been managing it the best we can. We first tried laser therapy at our vet and it did help. She also takes Tramadol twice daily and then I saw the cold laser that we could buy and do at home whenever she needs it! It’s been great! I did a lot of research on cold lasers and this one is the best for home use. It’s more expensive than some of the lower quality lasers but it’s worth every penny! The bonus is we can use it too and it’s been well worth the investment!

    1. Hi Thank you for sharing your story! We have an 80 lb lab puppy (1.5 years old), with two torn ACLs and have been using custom braces to heal him. Progress is slow with many setbacks. Can you tell me more about the cold laser therapy and which laser did you buy? Good luck to you with Izzy!!

    2. My 5 year old Maltipoo, Francisco, was just diagnosed wirh a torn right back acl. Can you tell me which cold laser you got and how much ir cost?


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