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tplo arthroscopy

TPLO Arthroscopy – Ernie

Hello! Ernie, our 10-year-old kelpie cross was just one night holding his hind leg off the ground and we could see he was in pain. The vet took x-rays 2 days after but couldnt see that anything was going on. They suggested an arthroscopy which we did. I cannot thank these vets enough. A mobile […]

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undecided treatment

Undecided Treatment – Roxy

My Roxy girl is 2.5 yrs old and weighs 55 pounds. I took her to the vet 2 weeks ago because she was throwing up. She was diagnosed with Giardia and pancreatitis. She stopped throwing up immediately after being treated. A few days later I took her for a hike, our favorite activity. She came […]

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Walk to Jog - Video

Walk to Jog – Video

There are two separate aspects to jogging. First you will want to show your dog to Walk to Jog, then Jog to Run. Make sure your dog is using the injured leg 100% at a slow walk before even considering jogging. Dr. James St. Clair of TopDog Health and Rehabilitation gives us tips on how […]

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Sit to Stand Exercise - Video

Sit to Stand Exercise – Video

TopDog Health and Rehabilitation’sDr. James St. Clair show us how to master the “Sit to Stand Exercise” – which are basically squats for dogs. Dr. James suggests viewing your role in your dog’s recovery as that of a personal trainer, focusing on the form. When performed properly, this exercise can be a powerful asset to […]

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Figure 8’s Exercise – Video

Ensuring your dog maintains a light amount of controlled exercise during the recovery process helps your dog re-learn to use the injured leg again, rebuilds muscle and may prevent injury of the opposite leg. Dr. James St. Clair of TopDog Health and Rehabilitation shows us the Figure 8 Exercise, and provides tips on how you […]

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Cavaletti Exercises - Video

Cavaletti Exercises – Video

Cavaletti Pole Exercises are an excellent way to help increases strength and improves your dog’s balance. Dr. James St. Clair of TopDog Health and Rehabilitation explains the best way to use the Cavaletti Poles to help your dog heal and rebuild muscle, strength and balance following a cruciate ligament injury. At TopDog Health and Rehabilitation, […]

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Curb Walking - Video

Curb Walking – Video

Please note – this exercise SHOULD NOT be performed until your dog is back to 100% with the injured leg. Curb walking is a simple, effective technique that can be easily incorporated into your dog’s daily walking routine. Dr. James St. Clair of TopDog Health and Rehabilitation demonstrates curb walking and discusses how it can […]

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Weave Poles - Video

Weave Poles – Video

This exercise is most often used in dog agility, but adapting it for home use can be a great way to help your dog regain strength and range of motion following a cruciate ligament injury. Using cones or any other apparatus available, you can quickly set up a course for your dog to weave through. […]

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