Curb Walking – Video

Please note – this exercise SHOULD NOT be performed until your dog is back to 100% with the injured leg. Curb walking is a simple, effective technique that can be easily incorporated into your dog’s daily walking routine.

Dr. James St. Clair of TopDog Health and Rehabilitation demonstrates curb walking and discusses how it can help your dog as they recover from a cruciate ligament injury.

Making sure your dog is using an adequately sized curb is key to the success of this exercise.

Dogs over 70 Pounds – Curb should be 3-5 inches high
Dogs 31-70 Pounds – Curb should be about 3 inches high
Dogs less than 30 pounds – Curb should be no more than 2 inches high

Also, keep in mind you should be using a curb that is at least 20 feet in length.

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