Cavaletti Exercises – Video

Cavaletti Pole Exercises are an excellent way to help increases strength and improves your dog’s balance. Dr. James St. Clair of TopDog Health and Rehabilitation explains the best way to use the Cavaletti Poles to help your dog heal and rebuild muscle, strength and balance following a cruciate ligament injury.

At TopDog Health and Rehabilitation, they use thin PVC pipes as Cavaletti poles. The PVC is then suspended between traffic cones that are pre-drilled with holes. A broom stick handle can work great, as well!

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  1. My dog has degenerative myelopathy. We practicing walking backwards on a bosu figure eights sitting to standing stairs I built a teeter totter toe tickling weight shifting passive stretching. The Cavaletti is a complete disaster. No matter how low he smashes his back legs. Do you have any suggestions. We’ve started giving him vitamin. B and E and C.

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