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On May 1, 2017 my 8-year-old Newfoundland was running around in the yard when I heard a yelp. I turned around and saw that she was on the ground and couldn’t get up. I helped her to get up on her feet but she could not walk on her injured right rear leg. I took her to our holistic vet. He stated that she tore her ACL. We discussed treatment options, surgery and conservative management. He told me that surgery would cost approximately $2,500 for the operation and that she may not be 100% healed, and probably the other back leg would go out in about another year or so. At that point I could only figure the expense of this type of treatment and follow-ups and the cost that would bring.

So I decided to go with the CM procedure. We discussed water therapy, laser therapy, knee brace, and herbal supplements. I chose the laser therapy and herbal supplements. Then I researched different leg braces and chose to buy one particular brand because their website seemed very convincing to me over the other ones. Plus I wanted to do the very best to alleviate the pain Muffin was going through. I was told that the brace would support and help heal the knee. So before I bought it, they told me that there would be NO refunds what so ever. I agreed, purchased the brace for approx. $400 in hopes that this brace would work. About a week or so later the brace arrived. I had a lengthy time putting the brace on Muffin the way the directions stated. The brace did not fit as snug as I thought it would to support her ACL. When she laid down it would either loosen, tighten up, or come off depending how she was laying. When she tried to walk with the brace on, she had difficultly, and I had to continue to hold her up with a long towel wrapped under her belly and walk with her. Needless to say Muffin did not like the brace, she looked at me as if saying “Why are you doing this to me?” After about three days I removed the brace from her for good. This brace did nothing for Muffin, and left me approx. $400 poorer. Maybe someone else has had better luck with it, but in my experience and opinion, IT DOES NOT WORK.

But there is a bright side to Muffin’s ACL injury. As I was saying earlier, my holistic vet (bless him) started Muffin on two supplements – LIGAPLEX I capsules and Jing Tang tendon/ligament powder and a 6 week laser treatment. I believe in approx. 3 weeks or so (trying to remember) I did not have to hold her up to walk, she walked on her own with a limp but it was a struggle for her. The limp was basically gone by Thanksgiving but sometimes she still has a difficult time getting up, probably due to the wood and tile floors in the house. So I would say to other people with their dogs in this same type of knee/ACL problem, you may want to consider the CM method of healing. It has worked for my Muffin and has saved me a lot of money.

So I would recommend, stay away from these knee braces on the web unless your vet recommends a certain kind and has had satisfactory results using it. Well, I hope my experience about 9 months ago with Muffin’s ACL injury will help other people and their 4-legged best friends.

Best Wishes, Bob

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  1. Thank you for sharing your story. My partner’s boxer/ mastiff has the same problem so I am researching costs and alternatives. In Edmonton, it would cost $10-$13k for both legs. 🙁

  2. Thank you for sharing. I’m having issues with my boxer’s rear leg and I have opted for CM. Several years ago I had a pit bull with same situation and could not afford surgery. My vet told me that if we took a conservative approach with her, that she could get along fairly well. For us, that meant no jumping on/off furniture, no stairs, no running around, and the use of supplements. Things were actually OK..she had a bad day here and there, just like a person. Usually if weather was particularly cold or damp. But overall it worked well with her, and your story is very re-assuring, so I am going to try it again!

  3. Thank U! I was looking at alternative’s to surgery and did not if rehab worked like humans. Thanks for sharing I will let you know how it goes with my yorkie Bella!

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