Buddy – Torn ACL, Conservative Management

Buddy is a 5 1/2 year old Scottish Terrier. Over the last 2 years we have been involved in Agility training and competition. This summer, Buddy came up lame during practice, and showed some lameness(rear left leg) off and on for a bit. We went to a vet who diagnosed torn CCL and recommended us to a surgeon for TPLO surgery. We listened to him and then did some research, consulted with another vet who supported doing conservative management, with the idea that we may have to have surgery later. She also set us up with a rehab exercise routine, and supplements, and a referral to a rehab person that could get Buddy swimming!

So controlled exercise, leased walks, NO jumping, roughhousing, running!!! We have started learning some tricks (she can wave now) for some fun. At 8 weeks out, we have had some ups and downs. But things are looking good. With the support of our vet and rehab, we are feeling confident right now. Bud and I have started Nose Work classes- mental stimulation in a controlled environment.

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