Marley- Conservative Management

A chocolate lab dog going through conservative management of a knee injury

Marley was diagnosed with crucial ligament damage in both legs in October 2018, he is two years old. After X-rays, it was found he also had movement in his hips and slight “ crunching “ on one front leg! Not a good outcome for such a young dog.

Options were to put him to sleep, surgery, or through our holistic vet try CM. He has to date done very well on msn/Chinese herbs and green lipped mussel capsules. Also, we did reduce his weight, he now weighs 38 kilos instead of 45. Recently though after playing too hard with our other lab. He again has started to not only limp on that front leg but also holding up the right back leg. Again decision time do we stay on CM with complete rest.

Surgery, as well as being very expensive, recovery may be hard with his existing other problems. We have an appointment with a surgeon soon to discuss our options. This is where the “guilt complex” comes into it. We want to do what is best for our pets but what is best? I feel, apart from this last hiccup, this line of treatment has definitely helped so far.

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