TTA Surgery Recovery – 1 Week, Timber’s Story

TTA Surgery Recovery – Week 1

Timber went in for TTA surgery on Tues March 9th, and the surgery went great. I picked her up on Wednesday, the staff said she a had a good night, she was so sweet, she was one of the quiet ones and she didn’t cry or bark. Her first day home was uneventful. She was just so happy to be home and see her brother Tucker (he is my 12 year old male shepard mix). She doesn’t seem to have much pain, her surgical line looks beautiful, and she has moderate bruising and some swelling. She is currently on anti-inflammatory meds, ABT, and pain meds (as needed). The hardest part was taking her to go potty, because she has to be on a leash (which she is not used to), so she would just stand there and stare at me!CCL Repair for Canines

Timber is toe touching by Day 3 following the TTA surgery. I think she sometimes forgets and actually puts weight on her leg, but then realizes that it’s still too sore. She has been eating and drinking without difficulty and chewing on her toys (she’s a great patient!!) I forgot to mention that she has taken over my powderoom, that is the only room on our first floor that we can keep her in. She has never been crated, and the other rooms have oversized doorways that we cant baby gait, so the bathroom it is…I think she really likes it!

It’s Saturday March 13, Day 4. We are in the middle of a severe rain/wind storm, so getting Timber to go potty is an obstacle. She wants nothing to do with going outside…UGH! Other than going potty she is doing very good. There is definitely a difference between the two recovery periods, even though she had a great recovery from the TPLO, she had much more discomfort, didn’t eat much, and wasn’t putting weight on her leg at this stage of the game. So far, so good!

Not much to report on Days 5 and 6. Oh yes there is – one thing, I wasn’t paying attention and I forgot to put the baby gait up and the little bugger walked up the entire flight of stairs!!! Mommy was not very happy but she seemed to be okay…thank god!

7 thoughts on “TTA Surgery Recovery – 1 Week, Timber’s Story

  1. Thank you for publishing your story. I have a 5 year old great dane who is scheduled for a TTA surgery next week and I am really freaking out. He is my baby,too. Your story made me feel like the TTA was the right decision

  2. Hi,
    My 1 year old Rottie (She’ll be 2 in August) is 8 days post-op from her TTA. Here incision looks great, and the thing that seems most difficult is dealing with the e-collar. She bangs it around in the crate and seems more bothered by that than the incision. I had the best luck giving her her meds in blobs of mashed potatoes out of my hand that she just swallows. I also found it’s easier to handle her with her sling if I have her food ready before she gets out of the crate. I can’t wait until she can start to exercise a little. I did a lot of freaking out too, I wondered if I was putting her through this because it was best for her or for me. I did go ahead, and I think it was the right thing now. She really does not seem to have much pain with the meds she’s on. So, feel better, you did what was best to help your dog, and he’ll get better soon! The hardest thing is keeping him controlled, and your vet will help you with ideas for that.

    1. Hi Martha,
      My bluetick girl had the TTA Surgery on Tuesday. We are in day 5 now. She seems to be doing really well but wants to do more than she is allowed. I have to crate her and she has never been in a crate in her whole 8 years that we have had her. I feel so guilty! She looks at me like she’s so disgusted with me. How
      long did your vet say it was going to take for your dog to fully recover?

  3. Hello.. I have a Border Collie she is 4.5 years old.. She just had a TTA surgery and I don’t know what to do.. And I was worry my dog.. I didn’t know what to do but.. I want to know what do I need for a stuff. I really don’t know…

  4. Talk to your vet about what to do. The main things are to keep her in a crate or very small room, and when she’s up to go potty, walk her outside with a towel or sheet slung under her tummy near her back legs to help support her weight. I don’t remember the exact schedule, but my dog was crated for the better part of 2 months (but she did have a complication). So – just keep her still, and very gradually increase activity. My dog is also on a supplement (glucosamine/chrondroitin called Dasuquin). Ask your vet for instructions, good luck! It took a long time for my dog to recover, but she’s doing great now, hang in there, the recovery was almost as hard for me as for her!

  5. Kink had both knees done and she is doing fantastic! She also has alot of arthritis in both knees and given that she had double surgery, you would not even know it. Follow the vets directions on limited exercise at first and given time you will be so happy with the end result. If you go to the facebook page, there is a ton of information there. They also have a guide to help people following the surgery. I have Kink on their joint supplements and I believe it has really helped her recovery. She is also 9 years old so your border collie should do well so long as you follow the vet’s advice.

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