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Tight Rope CCL Repair

What Does TightRope Surgery Cost?

Prices for veterinary surgery vary greatly depending on where you are located no matter whether you choose TTA, TPLO, TR, or a lateral suture method.  The prices can also fluctuate due to the availability of a certain procedure, number of surgeons performing the surgery, and the size of your dog. A number of veterinary practices […]

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Is My Dog a Candidate for Tightrope Surgery?

The newest surgical technique to repair torn cranial cruciate ligaments in dogs is the tightrope procedure.  Tightrope CCL is an extracapsular technique which uses lateral suture stabilization in conjunction with a virtually indestructible material called FiberTape for knee joint stabilization.  The Fiber Tape is placed in the dog’s knee through a few small incisions, mostly […]

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Compare CCL Surgery Options for Dog Ligament

Tightrope Surgery vs. Extracapsular or Traditional Repair

How is Tightrope CCL Different from Extracapsular Imbrication or Traditional Repair? The major difference between extracapsular imbrication/traditional repair methods and tightrope ccl is the way in which the knee joint is stabilized.  In a traditional CCL repair, a leader line (suture, or you can also think of this as a fishing line) is woven across […]

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Tightrope CCL Procedure

The Tightrope CCL repair surgery is the newest surgical option available for dogs with cranial cruciate ligament injury.  Unlike in humans, canine CCL tears and damage generally takes place over a period of months or years, rather than being associated with a single traumatic event.  Because of the nature of these injuries, and their degenerative […]

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Surgical Repair Options for Cranial Cruciate Ligament Repair

For dogs diagnosed with cranial cruciate ligament tears or ruptures there are a number of non-surgical and surgical options available. Each dog is different, and your veterinarian will take into consideration your canine’s weight, size, overall health, severity of injury and the duration since onset when determining what treatment is best for your pet. Non-surgical […]

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