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post surgery questionsLucy is a 6-year-old Lab/hound mix who recently had a complete tear in her left hind knee and a partial in the right. Her first surgery is scheduled in 3 days. I have had both back and neck surgeries and helping her walk has been dehabiliting for me. I have no one to help. My vet says braces don’t work and doesn’t give me much of any rehab options. My questions are:

1. How bad will her right knee get injured, after having surgery to her left, when she can barely walk now?
2. She is 70 lbs (overweight) after being on a diet for two months! But it doesn’t seem to help. Are there any dietary supplements that can help her lose the weight she needs?
3. Is it normal that there are no bandages to help support her injury after her surgery?
4. How do you know if you are helping or hurting the injured knee when you attempt to do these circular motions to keep her joints mobile? Do supplements of Glucosamine really help and which is best?

I am dreading the next few months only to have to do it all over with the other knee, while the cost is killing me.

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  1. Hi!

    I don’t have answers to all your questions, but I can help with some.

    If her weight is not budging on a high quality, low fat food, something else might be going on. Has she has blood work lately to look at things like her thyroid?

    Yes, it is completely normal that there are no bandages/splints/casts after surgery. You want to avoid atrophy as much as possible.

    I don’t know what kind of circular motions you’re talking about exactly, but extending and retracting the leg gently would be as far as I would go. Without surgery, the best thing would be to rest the joints as much as possible. Ice compresses may also help with the inflammation.

    Glucosamine helps tremendously to slow, ease, or prevent arthritis. This is not something you should get over the counter or from websites like 1800petmeds. Drug companies do not sell to those types of distributors and you can’t guarantee what you get if you buy from them.

    The cost is no joke. Contact your vet and see if they accept CareCredit. There is usually a no interest plan if you charge a certain amount and most vets accept it.

    Good luck to you and your kiddo!

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