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close Glycanaid HA Dog Joint Supplement by Topdog

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Dixie – Double Lateral Suture Stabilization

American pit bull Dixie had TPLO surgery.Dixie is an APBT and weighs 38 lbs. Perfectly proportioned, active and exercised regularly. Yes, she runs, plays, cuts, and turns, chases rats (she is a terrier) and other moving vermin and pulls on rope toys with her “sisters”. One morning, during play, we heard the back ligament snap. No pain, but she is a pit bull.

It took about 10 days to find a surgeon in our area (North Central CA) that we could get an appt with but when we did, he was amazing. Gave us our options, and as she is NOT overweight, he was fairly certain that she was a good candidate for non-TPLO. She went through the surgery just fine, and we scheduled the therapy immediately following – laser, physical and water treadmill, all included in the surgical quotation.

DO NOT SKIP THIS! Dixie was a Star on the balance balls (her favorite) and it is amazing what the therapy did to strengthen the surgical leg. Unfortunately, the OTHER leg failed shortly afterwards, so we had a repeat of all of the above. Yes, we got to know our vet staff well. However, Dixie became the star example of what a successful patient looks like! But, do not let your furry kids get overweight was the underlying message at all times!

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