Buddy – Double ACL Injuries

Hi everyone

I need advice. 3 years ago my 50kg Labrador tore his ACL and we had no clue what it meant to have this happen. So, we had surgery. We went through 8 weeks of recovery and it is still very weak.

2 days ago my dog has hurt his other back leg we have been told that if we do another surgery it will be lengthy and that he may never walk again. Basically, they told us to put him in the sky.

I was hoping someone could help me

Any help or tips that you guys can think of about caring and helping him get out to the toilet as he will not bear weight on any of his back legs

Thanks in advance

3 thoughts on “Buddy – Double ACL Injuries

  1. There’s never a reason to put a pup down if he’s weak in the knees like that. You can always try a dog wheelchair if it’s that difficult for him to move around. He’ll need to adjust a bit when he goes but he’ll at least run around again.
    I’ve heard aqua therapy is good 8 weeks after surgery if you can find one near you. It should help get him the strength he needs.

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