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Back in late January 2012, Cici was hopping and limping for a couple of weeks. I noticed a bump on her knee so I took her to a vet specialist since this was the leg that she had had three surgeries on a few years ago. I was hoping it was nothing. Instead, the vet told me she needed surgery for a cranial cruciate ligament tear/ injury.

Thankfully, we found out about CM and your site. We followed the protocol (badly) but it worked anyway.

Basically rest, restricted exercise and supplements for 3 months… gave her alfalfa, orthoease (Dr harvey’s), vit. c and manganese. Just wanted to say thanks so much, Cici is ALL better now!

If you would like more information on the protocol used with Cici, here is an except from her owner’s website, which details the supplements and conservative activities/management they used.

My plan/protocol was this:

  • Keep her real quiet for 4-8 weeks and confined
  • Give her the joint aid (just ordered it) plus am giving her
  • Spirugreen
  • Wild alaskan salmon oil (just ordered) for the Omega 3′s

May or may not give her yucca stalk by nature’s way, there are mixed reviews

The above (and below) is based upon what was said on the conservative management site (Dog Knee Injury):

  • Weight Management … despite her being a cookie monster, this is not a factor for Cici. her weight has been maintained at 53 pounds for a few years now…
  • Inflammation – We started with Rimadyl and Omega 3 Fish Oil (1000 mg capsules, twice per day). After 1 month of the Rimadyl I transitioned to Yucca Intensive, and give 9-10 drops diluted in food.
  • Joint Support – Glucosamine and Chondrointin supplements are good to support joint health in any dog.
  • Rest – Make sure your dog stays in a confined area without distraction. Carpets are preferable, avoid steps, jumping, running or rough play during this time. Toys such as frozen kongs filled with peanut butter or bully sticks are a good way to help them alleviate boredom.
  • Controlled Exercise – Take a few, short, leash walks per day under controlled conditions to ensure your dog maintains muscle, and to also encourage the growth of scar tissue around the injured ligament.
  • Pay Attention to Your Dog – Your best friend will tell you how they’re doing. Go at their pace, and avoid doing too much, too soon!

If you want to read more about Cici, please visit her blog at

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  1. Being 11 months later, how is Cici’s knee coming along? I have a 71 lb black lab that was just diagnosed this past weekend with a torn ACL. As a single parent, I am concerned at the cost, of course, but that he may end up reinjuring it (he is a wild 2 year old) and thus wasting the original cost

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