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Conservative Management and Tightrope – Ellie

When Ellie, our 55-pound boxer/pit bull mix, was 3, she tore both ACLs within a couple weeks of each other. Our then vet immediately told us to have TPLO as soon as possible. However, My husband and I took to the Internet to see what we could learn about the whole ordeal. We opted for conservative management first. We did that for 6 months and she totally restabilized. She wasn’t limping or really nursing her knees at all.

conservative management and tightrope Around the 6 month mark, however, her right knee started making a clicking noise every time she moved it. We then found a surgeon who said she had also destroyed her meniscus. He said that having the tightrope procedure could decrease her chances for arthritis later in life. We had the surgery and followed it up with 4 months of no running or jumping. We even blocked off our furniture and all of us sat on the floor and dog beds for that long. After 4 months we let her return to normal (we had been working slowly on increasing her walking, etc) and she’s doing great! We haven’t had surgery on her other knee yet because she shows no need for it and our surgeon said to wait until she seemed like she needed it. I think it’s important to note that this surgeon outright refuses to do the TPLO Surgery.

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One Response to Conservative Management and Tightrope – Ellie

  1. July 13, 2016 at 7:43 pm #

    how is she doing now? it’s such a horrible experience to go through. I tried conservative management on my own dog for about 10 months. He was improving slowly but he was improving. He can walk, run, but his gait changed and it just looks like he was dragging his leg with him and he runs a little funny too. I’m going to take him to an orthopedist tomorrow and have him evaluated. Kinda sucks to have to go through this… I have a feeling the orthopedist is going to recommend TPLO..which is what I wanted to avoid so bad. It’s such a scary procedure.

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