Bilateral Simitri Stable in Stride – Cinnamon

bilateral simitri

Cinnamon has always been a high energy, fly by the seat of her pants type of dog.  For as long as she has been on this planet she has loved to run.  Be it chasing the stick or ball we just threw, chasing after her brother Ireland, or running alongside my bike, her enthusiasm for being outside never failed.

Then came that fateful day when her love for the chase caught up to her.  During our morning walk Cinnamon took chase of some deer and tore the cranial cruciate ligament in her left knee, which required surgery to repair.

The surgery that was performed was not the usual ACL repair.  Instead, Cinnamon’s knee was repaired using the Simitri Stable in Stride procedure.  This procedure allowed Cinnamon to put weight on and use her leg the very next day as there were no muscle or bones cut.

bilateral simitri

Recovery from the Simitri Stable in Stride procedure takes generally four months with video check-ups completed at 4, 8, 12, and 16 weeks after surgery.  Re-check x-rays are taken at 6 months and 1 year after surgery to allow the surgeon to assess the implant’s position and condition of the affected joint.

During Cinnamon’s recovery for the first few months she would come for a walk with me and her brother Ireland.  As she was not able to go for long walks while her knee healed, she travelled in her own little chuckwagon.  She was the talk of the town.

Cinnamon recovered extremely well from her surgery and she has had no further issues of lameness on her left leg.  She returned to her happy, energetic self within a few months.

Fast forward a little over one year later…during a walk in the same area, Cinnamon ruptured the cranial cruciate ligament in her right knee and the same Simitri Stable in Stride procedure was performed to repair this tear.

I now have a dog with 2 bionic knees who will NEVER make it through airport security!

2 thoughts on “Bilateral Simitri Stable in Stride – Cinnamon

  1. Hi, I was just wondering how you were able to find a vet who performs the simitri procedure. I am located in AZ and am having trouble sort of finding vets or people who can recommend me to a vet who is familiar and capable of performing this. My dog recently ruptured his right ccl and of all the surgeries (if we have to go that route) to me I think I’d like to have the simitri performed if possible… I just don’t know where or how to find a surgeon who is familiar. I know Dr. Neil is the one who sort of created it… but aside from him are there any vets or names of people you’d be comfortably sharing with me, to help me in finding someone to perform this on my dog. Thanks again, I hope things are and have gone well in recovery and since the procedures. Any updates and advices would be welcome as well.

    1. Following (I saw a similar comment on another article). I’m hoping to find somebody within 250-500 miles of Southwestern Ohio. Hopefully somebody with knowledge will be willing to share with us soon!

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