TTA vs. Stem Cell Treatment – Bachi

TTA vs. Stem Cells for Dogs

Bachi is a 4 year old fox hound canaan mix. He blew his left ccl last July, and we did TTA.

He luxated his patella after that. We had that repaired, but it did not take long before he luxated again. We waited to do anything more and now he has blown his other ccl. The vet wants to repair the left again (3rd time in) TTA the right at the same time.

We decided to try chiropractic and laser to be followed by stem cell. Roughly the same cost as tta. He is not improving after several voms and laser; he has an intermittant lameness. We started in March.

What to do… Forget it and tta and fix the luxation or go forward with eventual stem cell?

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  1. Hi, which route did you end up taking for Bachi? My vet suggested stem cell, but I haven’t read too many success stories regarding CCL injury. Thank you.

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