Advice on Choosing a Surgery – Tippy’s Story

Tippy is a Very active 2 1/2 year old pit/healer mix. She will chase down anything with wings from bugs, bees, birds you name it. she’ll jump as high as she can to get them in the air as well. She is about 55-60lbs so weight and age are not an issue.

I need some advice. There are so……many conflicting stories that I am very confused on which way to go. We have already tried conservative and it did not work, she now has a complete tear and surgery is necessary. Thought my mind was made up to go with the tplo. I have read good and bad stories on all the surgeries, but have read some horror stories on the tplo should it go bad. I am not one to take the invasive route if there is an alternative, but on the other hand I don’t want to put her through the traditional surgery if it won’t work. Has anyone had experience with both good and/or bad they can give me some insight on?

I would love to share a success story with you all with which ever way we decide to go!

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  1. Just under a year ago, my very athletic, very high prey Belgian Malinois partially ruptured her left CCL trying to catch a bird in flight. Her size (68 lbs lean) and level of physicality made TPLO and TTA really the only choices, and when 90% of my agility colleagues (including multiple vets) recommended the same surgeon my primary vet recommended, TPLO became my choice.

    I worked really hard to manage my dog’s behavior, and we started physical therapy as soon as we could, including underwater treadmill and soon after, pilates ball work. Both of these contributed greatly to her healing and maintaining muscle mass. Her left leg is stable, strong, and looks awesome.

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