Precious – Tightrope Repair and PRP

Hi everyone…my boxer is 2.5 months short of 3 years. She has always been very active and an avid ball chaser and frisbee catcher. We noticed her limping on her hind right leg a few months ago..but when let outside…bursts into a full run. Her limping worried us enough that we made an appointment with our vet. We thought for sure that she must have gotten something in her paw.

So after xrays it was a shock to hear our baby had torn her CCL. I am in the human medical field and did what the doctor said which was to give her sedatives, NSAIDS, and restricted activity until we could get an appointment with an orthopedic vet. He just went off the stay which makes me feel less that confident. I mean to diagnose a CCL tear much like a human you would need an MRI.

Nope, he just came in the room and said her days of ball and frisbee were done. I immediately got defensive and said why do ANYTHING THEN? I just don’t understand why most people seem to return to normal activities as I did after ACL reconstruction of my own.

We are opting for the tightrope repair and PRP. Which is platelet rich plasma with stem cells injected directly onto the tear. Supposedly accelerated healing and less pain and the combination Gets her the best chance to return to.her.normal activities. I’m so scared for my baby as she is like my third child. She’s my best friend and she knows I would never ever do anything to hurt her.

I just hope that this surgery gets her back to herself as she has started withdrawing and acting depressed in the last couple days. I know she’s tired of mom having to force pills down her throat.

That’s all I have for now…I will add to this as her surgery date is set. I hope someone out there can tell me they have done this and have favorable things to say. I don’t know what to expect and would appreciate any info anyone has regarding this procedure and their experiences.

Thank you!!

*Pics of Precious

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  1. Re: Precious. Your story has been very helpful in giving me more direct questions to ask. If you don’t mind sharing the costs, that would be helpful too. Thank you for sharing your journey. I look forward to more updates. You can email me directly if you’d like.

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