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How Do I Register for the Dog Knee Injury Forums?

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  • Register – Click on the word “Registration” highlighted in blue, underneath where it says Guest.
  • Username – You will be redirected to a registration screen. Select your preferred username and an email address at which you can retrieve a password that will be emailed to you.
  • Password – Log into the email account where you had the password sent, and click the link at the bottom of the email to return to the login screen. BE SURE TO CHECK YOUR SPAM FOLDER!
  • Login – You will return to a login screen where you will enter your username and the password you received in your email. After you have logged in, go to the bottom of the page where it says “New Password” and change the password to something you will remember; you will need to enter the password twice for the change to be made. Click “Update Profile” to save the changes.
  • Visit Site – You will see a button in the top left of your profile screen that says “Visit Site” – click it to go back to Dog Knee Injury and start posting in the forum!

Why Should I Register for the CCL Repair Forum?
Dog Knee Injury is a very active community, and posting in the forums will give you the ability to get feedback from other owners. Whether you’re trying to decipher your dog’s limping or just need some reassurance during the recovery process, the forums can be a great way to know that you’re not going through it alone.

What if I am Still Having Trouble?
If you have any problems please use the contact form above or leave a comment below and I’ll do my best to help!

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