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Emma Lynn is my is a 4.5 year old Pit. She is about 45 pounds and very active. A year ago last Christmas she stopped using her right rear leg. We took her to the vet where she was sedated and tested positive for the drawer sign. (A positive drawer sign test is an indication of a torn CCL or canine/cranial cruciate ligament. Click here – Drawer Sign Test – for more information on how a veterinarian can determine whether your dog has a torn knee ligament.)

I read all I could find and decided to try to limit her activity for 8 wks. No stairs, beds, couches and no running around.

I am happy to say she recovered great and no one would guess she ever had the CCL injury!

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  1. I was so glad you shared your story. My Pit, Lola is almost 3 years old and also extremely active. She just dug a small but deep hole in the kennel and I am thinking she injured it in the hole while playing with her mate, Buddy. She suddenly wouldn’t come in this morning and my husband had to carry her up the stairs into the house. Originally it appeared like she had injured the center pad of her left foot but upon massage and ice therapy I found the tenderness to be located more towards the knee. I researched a site online and did the drawer test. She is very muscular and as the article mentioned the tibia didn’t pop out in her case. She did, however, SCREAM and bite me.
    I’m trying to avoid unnecessary vet bills since I know of too many people who have wasted money on surgery that was useless. I am surely going to try the same thing you did and am so happy to know there is a chance of her healing without spending money I don’t have. I’m also going to look into braces.
    Thank you again for the uplifting story!

  2. I have an approximately 2 year old Pit who has a partial tear in the right knee, luxating patellas in both knees and arthritis. She was on crate rest for 10 days with anti-inflammatories and is doing much better. She is putting weight on both legs now but seems to have an altered gait. I have put her on joint supplements and am hoping for the best.

  3. I wrote an update this month for Emma so check it out. She is doing great! I wanted to add the importance of joint meds. Very important that you talk to your vet and find effective meds. All joint meds are not equal. Due to the fact that they are not regulated by the FDA, some need added fat to be absorbed into the tissue, as well as other needed minerals etc…
    They do work so it is well worth it to do your research!

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