TTA Surgery, 2 Weeks Post Op – Ben

2 Week Update

Ben is doing extremely well at 2 weeks.

Day 2
Ben is feeling much better. On our walk, he actually lifted his good leg and stood on his leg with the surgery to go pee. Never thought I would be excited watching a dog pee, but that was amazing..

Days 3-4
Ben starting walking more and more. I actually caught him a few times standing on his hind legs looking out the window.

Days 5-6
I believe he started walking better than the day before surgery. Also, he is walking and standing normal. It is barely noticeable he is favoring his leg.

Days 7-8
Ben is starting to get his “gait” back. If you every watch a Standard Schnauzer, they kind of glide effortlessly across the room. He is actually getting it back. It has been months since I have seen him walk like that.

Ben is having a reaction to the staples. His incision is starting to swell and become red. The Vet has us come in and she gives him some ointment that will soothe his reaction. The Vet is amazed as to how well he is walking.

Day 10
Ben has his staples removed and his incision looks good after using the ointment.

Day 14
Ben is at the 2 week mark and is doing great. For the most part, Ben is standing and walking normal. However, he does still favor his leg on occasion. Per the Post Op instructions, Ben is walking a 1/4 mile twice a day. Muscle definition in his leg is starting to come back.

As he is getting better, it is getting harder to keep him under control. He wants to play at every chance he can get. He is feeling better than he has felt in months and is showing it!!!

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