Beau at Three and Four Weeks Post Op CCL Repair

We’ve started the physical therapy. Weekly half hour swimming session have Beau moving his leg very well. The stairs are also going well, though we seem to have to do it twice a day for five minutes because once a day for ten minutes is just too boring for both dog and human. He absolutely loves the walks on the golf course hills, but I am concerned that the weather is going to get in our way. It is January now!

In the house, we are still struggling a bit to accommodate his needs. Someone still sleeps downstairs in the living room with him because I just know he would try and get on the bed if we let him upstairs. We have taken the ugly Rubbermaid totes off the couch and let him climb up there if he wants to (as the vet said we could), which does make him pretty happy. Still leash walking in the yard, which is no fun for any of us.

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  1. My 4 1/2 -yr-old Golden Retriever, Hobbes, was just diagnosed with a CCL injury. I’ve spoken with one veterinary orthopedic surgeon already, and have an appointment with another tomorrow. The first recommended TPLO surgery. I’m very reluctant to choose to do something that extreme however. I don’t believe that the surgeon I will see tomorrow (who is very well respected in the area – including a friend at work whose husband is a vet) does that procedure. He’s likely to recommend the traditional procedure. I’m very interested in your experience, and have really enjoyed reading your account. I hope you will continue to keep us up to date, and I wish you and Beau well.

  2. I just wanted to thank you for your log of Beau’s surgery and recovery. Our dog Leo (Bernese Mountain Dog)has the excat same issue (hip displaysia resulting in torn ligament, etc…) except that he is not even 2 yet.
    So we are taking him for the operation and plan on working hard to make sure he makes a full recovery soon.
    It’s nice to see a great week by week analysis of how Beau is doing and that he is well on his way to a full recovery.

  3. I just found out that my two dogs (10 yr old rottie and 5 yr old Corgi) both have this knee injury on the same rear leg. They were outside playing and then both came into the house limping. My vet couldn’t believe it -same injury, same leg. I have referrals to see a orthopedic specialist but haven’t call them yet. Today I was on-line to get some info on the surgery and found Beau’s story. It has help me realize how long and how much work it will take to get both dogs back to normal. Not looking forward to it but have no other options. Thank you for keeping Beau’s log.

  4. Our 4-year-old Mastiff, Maggie, had TPLO surgery 2 weeks ago. She’d be having trouble getting up and down and would just stop and sit on our walks. I suspected hip problems, but found out it was actually her knees, one being worse than the other. Surgery went well..she was pretty unhappy first couple of days home, but by day 3 she was walking like nothing was wrong. Fortuately, she’s not terribly active, so keeping her quiet isn’t very hard. I’ve allowed her to get on her favorite couch as it’s just a little step up for her, not a jump. Stitches came out today and everything looks great. I’ve also managed to get her weight down from 151 to 143, which the vet says will help. Cost was $2850 for surgery (Orange County, California), plus $700-something for xrays and meds when she was diagnosed. Surgeon said the ligament was completely ruptured. He doesn’t think the other knee is blown now, but may eventually. If/when that happens, assuming it’s soon, I think we’d opt to do the surgery again.

  5. My 9 year old french mastiff had TPLO surgery in Aug 2009. She is 150 lbs and her recovery was 2 weeks behind schedule due to her size, according to the vet. All in all, it was a long 10 weeks from surgery to fully recovery. My vet had some reservations about suggesting the surgery b/c of my dog’s age, but honestly, age is nothing but a number. She still acts like a puppy and has a lot of life left, so we elected to do the surgery even though it was invasive. We live near Washington DC the surgery was $3600 with pre-op xrays around $400. We got about 40% back with our pet insurance, VPI. I consulted with two different specialists and after that, had to go with my gut to pick the right one. We did, our surgeon was great.
    Post-op we got an xtra large dog ramp for our car, she was a little hesitant at first, but now she loves it. The only real anxiety for me at this point is that the vet told us, once one knee goes it only a matter of time before the other goes as well. Let’s hope not. Keeping my fingers crossed.

  6. Loved reading about Beau. I have a 4 yr old Boxer that is 2 weeks post op today. She just had her staples removed and she is walking on the leg. She doesn’t seem to have any problems laying on that side or getting up from the floor. It’s a little challenging to keep her from playing because I also have a 2 yr old Boxer. The surgeon said i could start taking her on walks. I was a little confused beccause the paper he initially gave me said she should be resting for like 8wks. I guess that means no rough-housing. I can’t wait for my pool to open so she can get in there and swim. Luckily, she loves to swim. I know in the future she’s going to need the other knee done so we’ll see what happens. Best of luck to Beau!

  7. Beau is absolutely beautiful. My golden Sophie is having some kind of issue with her back leg. I’m hoping that’s it’s just stiff from all the running and walking we’ve been doing. Anyways, I came across your site while researching her symptoms – thanks for all the good information and good luck to Beau!

  8. I really appreciate your journal regarding Beau’s surgery. We are 13 days post op and have been dealing with fluid around the knee. Our dog, 3 year old, 40 lb. terrier mix, has been to our vet to have his knee drained and wrapped spending 3 nights at the vet. Fluid is continuing to build up again. I am wondering if others have experienced this, for how long, and any other treatment pursued. I have asked my vet about physical therapy, and he does not recommend this treatment.

  9. We just found out that our 80lb 8 month old puppy pit mix (Kamden) might need surgery on his knee.We find out tomorrow whether or not he will need this surgery. I have been so scared that surgery will compromise his quality of life. He loves chasing me on my mountain bike and being in the woods. This blog has helped me get over some of my fears of surgery. Beau’s story is great. Not sure if this injury is common in puppies? will find out tomorrow

  10. My 5 year old 92 lb (was 107 lb) yellow lab had TPLO surgery on left back leg beginning of December/09 and has almost fully recovered from that surgery ($3,500 xray costs of $300 – done at Ontario Veterinary College in Guelph) – then discovered righ back leg also complete tear and he had surgery done 2 weeks ago on that leg (another $3,500 xray costs of $300 at OVC). His recovery is a little slower this time but understandable – two major surgeries within 3 months but he’s a trouper and the hardest part is keeping him QUIET! I tried every conservative method there was for almost a year and ended up with the surgery anyway and really wish I had just gone ahead and had it done – it would be all over with and he would be able to be a normal dog instead of one in pain for almost a year. We now call him the $8,000 bionic dog.

  11. 4-year old Mastiff, Maggie, had second TPLO 6 weeks ago…(First one, on the other leg, was done in January)..xrays look good, she’s SO much happier and friskier now and we’ve started our walks again. No limping, but a little gimpy when she first gets up (aren’t we all?)..A little over 6 grand for the 2 surgeries, but MONEY WELL SPENT! Great to see our dog acting like a puppy again.

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