What is the Cost of TTA Surgery for CCL Repair in Dogs?

How Much is Tibial Tuberosity AdvancementHow much will a TTA surgery for my dog cost?  How much should I expect to spend on a TTA repair?

TTA is the abbreviation for tibial tuberosity advancement.  The TTA is among the newer techniques (Tightrope repair is the newest surgical procedure for CCL repairs) for cranial cruciate ligament repair of the canine stifle, making its appearance roughly 10 years ago.  Biomechanically speaking, the procedure is very similar to the TPLO, but without many of the risks. 

The TTA is, in fact, a simpler procedure for veterinary surgeons to perform than the TPLO, and works to correct the injured stifle without over correcting the angle.  Basically during a TTA surgery the veterinarian will make an incision in the bone and move the tibia slightly forward.  The vet will then place a titanium implant on the joint, changing the angle of the knee joint and providing stability.

Below is the cost estimate I received for my dog to have TTA surgery.


A few things to note about my situation:

1)  My dog in an American Bulldog weighing roughly 90 pounds (normal weight), and is 5 years old.

2)  He is in good health with no pre-existing conditions that would complicate anesthesia or surgery.

3)  This estimate, although some of the information has been blacked out to protect privacy, is from a speciality veterinary clinic with veterinary surgeons who specialize in cranial cruciate ligament repair surgeries in dogs.

4)  I live in Southern California, and this estimate is from a veterinary office in that area.

I received a low cost estimate for the TTA of $2800.00 and a high end cost estimate for the TTA of $3200.00.

This TTA cost estimate included:

– Surgical fees
– Post operative x-rays
– Post operative medications, including pain control meds during the surgery and to take home
– 4 post operative visits, including x-rays

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  1. HI,

    I’ve spoken with two surgeons about my dog (52 1/2 lbs. ideal weight). They have not even mentioned TTA — only TPLO.

    I didn’t feel “right” about either surgeon, so I’m looking for both other surgeons to perform whatever is necessary. I am also looking for alternatives to TPLO as well as alternatives to any surgery whatsoever.

    I also live in So. Cal. Is there a chance you could give me the names of the people you’ve spoken to?

  2. My 90lb Old English Bulldog needs TTA surgery too. Today we received an estimate of ~$4,400-4,900 which seems completely out of the ball park from what I’ve been researching. It doesn’t even include post-operative x-rays. I live in Los Angeles. Is the doctor you received your estimate near or close to LA? Thanks for your help.

  3. Hello there. I have a 5 year old Great Dane that has a torn CCL. Just was recommended TPLO at the cost of $5000.00. Ouch! Would love to know what vet you got your TTA recommend from. Being that Dane’s are so large we may not have the TTA option.
    The Orthopedist that gave us this estimate was in Culver City. Like the doctor A LOT, but $5000.00 seems high.

    thank you.

  4. Here are three who do the work for less:

    E. Leeds in Torrance

    Fischer (works out of Hermosa Animal Hospital)

    Gomez-DaCosta (or DaCosta-Gomez) works at the Emergency place in Lawndale.

    I’m sorry I don’t have the names of the first and third hospitals. I’ve heard good things about all of the above surgeons. (But be careful to check them all out yourself.) However, I decided to go with conservative management. If you like, check out Yahoo groups for their canine conservative management group.

  5. Just curious, to the original post: Was this thru Veterinary Surgical Specialists in Tustin? I just went there yesterday and got a similar quote for my 100lb boxer mix. If so, did you go thru with the surgery and how was the results?

    thank you.

    1. Hi Charise,

      It was not through Veterinary Specialists in Tustin – I am located in San Diego. I did not end up going through with the surgery, instead opting for a more conservative approach (we had already been through the surgery on his opposite leg and wanted to give Conservative Management a real try this time) and CM worked well for us!

      Be sure to let us know how things go for your Boxer – all the best 🙂

  6. My 65lb. Dalmatian needs the TTA Surgery and I live in a small town in WI. They are estimating $3,000. I feel this is incredibly high for a less populated area, please advise.

  7. $3,000.00 isn’t all that out of line. I’ve heard them go no lower than $2,600.00

    However, I would strongly advise you too look into Conservative Managment before you do the surgery.

    Go to the Tiggerpoz website and read it through-and-through. Also, sign up for Yahoo Groups Conservative Management group.

    If you haven’t already put your dog on severe activity restriction, do it now! No more walks Only go outside for leashed potty breaks; this means take a few steps outside — just what it takes for doggy to go potty. Also, no running, no jumping,even in house.

    Go to Tiggerpoz and the Yahoo group I mentioned.

    If after reading up on Conservative Management, you still decide to do the surgery, you might want to sign up for the Yahoo group that deals with dog knee injury and the different types of surgery available.

    Post another message here if my comments have brought any more questions from you.

  8. We have a 33 lb puggle. The TTA surgery cost looks similar to what we’ve been quoted. We have tried the conservative approach, and due the dogs hyperactivity, neither the conservative management method, nor the a-trac brace has worked, and may have made the matter worse. We’re going for surgery tuesday, but at this point don’t know if we’re going TTA or traditional. The surgeon has had very good success with both approaches, but says the recovery for tta is shorter.

    1. Well then, you might want to sign up for the Orthodogs group on Yahoo.

      It deals with going through the surgery and recovery for the various types of surgical treatments of the knee condition.

  9. My pit bull had tta surgery just outside of Pittsburgh. She had it in late 2011, it took about 2 months to recover. She is doing just fine. Our original vet had recommended tplo, but when we priced it locally, it ranged from 3500-3800….money which we did not have. By the grace of God, we heard about tta through research on the web. The tta was just under 2000. I am not sure how well it works for all dogs, but we are pleased thus far.

      1. Our dog just had ACL repaired at KEY animal hospital in Wheeling on Tuesday 1/26/16. Great Job . Good Price . Friends had their dog there 6 weeks earlier same operation .

  10. Had a TTA on my lab in 2012, $1500 for everything.
    Despite getting her down to ideal weight (from 104 to 81), she just blew the other knee, $1600 this time (2014), scheduled for later this week.
    Same vet, rural West Virginia.

    Recovery was excellent the first time. Hope it goes the same after this one.

  11. Cost varies by location/general area/state.

    I have often heard that once you do surgery for a torn ligament on one knee, the other knee often experiences a ligament injury.

    All who come here might want to consider going to the Yahoo Groups and find the one dealing with Conservative Management of this injury. Many dogs overcome ligament problems with treatment – not surgery!

    Check it out.

  12. My dog had tta January 2014 in Iowa at $1735 then again may 2015 at $1835.This procedure is the best way to go.I can’t say enough about the great work of Dr Drager and his staff at the animal clinic in Marshalltown, Iowa.

  13. In Bend, Oregon (a pretty wealthy area) the cost was $3800 for TTA surgery on a completely ruptured ACL plus an additional $300 to stay the first post-surgery night at a pet emergency facility, to keep the dog on a morphine drip all night plus icing every two hours. All pre and post op visits plus the use of an ice water pump for the next 3-4 days post-surgery included in those prices, but not prescription meds. But… absolutely top notch surgery and care, worth the cost.

  14. I found this place in Richmond, VA as I can not afford the prices the vets in North jersey are asking, I think this will be my center of choice for my dogs surgery affordablepetsurgery.com

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