Tightrope Surgery and Golden Retrievers – Mylah

Mylah is a purebred Golden Retriever and will be 2 years old this month. She tore the ACL in her right leg in June and immediately had surgery. We are almost 6 months post-op and she still drags her leg and her nails get filed to the point of bleeding when she walks.

I decided to go and get some rehab for her, only to find out that she has now torn the ACL in her left leg. Now what has me and the vets confused is that she still is favoring her right leg despite the fact her left leg has a torn ACL. The vet has not offered much of an explanation except to say that the repaired knee is intact but that she may have torn some of her meniscus. He said that it was fine when he performed the surgery. He said there is the possibility that her hips are a problem.

I have scheduled her for surgery to repair her left ACL but am concerned because it doesn’t seem she healed well from her first surgery. Has anyone experienced a similar problem?

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  1. Tracy, I too have a Golden Retriever who tore her ACL this past summer. She had the lateral suture surgery…did great with recover till 10 weeks after surgery. She started favoring the leg again. They took x-rays and said it seemed fine..after not getting better they opened her leg back up and saw that she had ripped the suture. The scar tissue that she had formed pushed the suture to one side tearing it. (honestly she is an itchy Golden and the vet and i feel that her excessive summer allergies could have been a factor in this) Vet re-did surgery…same thing, did great till about the 9-10 week mark and stared lifting her leg again. I was ref. to another vet…I really hated to think about a 3rd surgery…while waiting for the appt. she slowly started using the leg again. The last surgery was in August, and she walks fine…the leg alignment is off, and she once again has some really odd scar tissue all over her knee cap, but she is happy and healthy. I do feel that having the surgery really exacerbated her arthritis. She will never be 100%, but she is 8 1/2 and has a great quality of life. Good luck to you. Connie

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