Saul – Bilateral TPLO

Saul is a Johnson American Bulldog. He is a big-boned breed he’s 17 months. and 80 lbs. He could not do things I thought he should be able to. He often wined for no reason. Often he would limp. I thought his hips looked narrow for his chest.

I brought him to the vet and he needs bilateral TPLO and has 1 hip with dysplasia. At that point, his growth plates had not closed. My dog is in pain often he needs 3 surgeries he is so young. I’m not sure if it’s the best thing he will need multiple surgeries, long recovery, the success rate for the larger breeds is not as good as it is for smaller dogs.

Has anyone had all 3 surgeries done on their dog? He is a large dog, he is active, Even after that will he be uncomfortable. He is one of the sweetest dogs we have ever had, easy to train, has lots of dog friends he used to love to play with. I can’t even imagine the scenario of bringing him to the vet to put him down. I also can’t imagine doing all that to a dog would it be for me or for him.

Oh yes and I forgot the $$$. It will be expensive and that’s if nothing happens ( infection) it could be much more. These were not injuries it was from birth. What would some of you do? Thank you for reading.


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  1. Hip dysplasia shouldnt require surgery..yet, have you tried giving him glucosamine for the hips?
    My 5 yr old shepherd has hip dysplasia and we just did the first tta surgery (her second will be in 2 months once this one heals) her surgeon wasnt concerned about her hips said to just keep going with the glucosamine and it will help. We opted to do one leg at a time more for her comfort, she completely ruptured her left ccl and tore the right so we went with the left first once thata healed she will go for the other.
    What ever you decide I wish the best of luck to you and your dog.

  2. I’m curious what you decided. My American Bulldog was diagnosed with bi-lateral hip dysplasia & a torn left CCL. Took him to the orthopedic vet & that vet said his hips are okay, he’s VERY flexible, but both his knees have torn CCL. We’re getting the bi-lateral TPLO on 10/12/22. We decided to do both since he is still a puppy, just 20 months (100 lbs), & the healing time will be shorter (comparatively) than having each leg done at separate times. We just had a TPLO done on our smaller female (only 50 lbs) last year. We didn’t have insurance for hers, luckily we purchased insurance on the puppy when he was little. It’s still going to cost us, but not the (possible) $10K.
    I am dreading keeping him quiet for weeks, that’s going to be super hard.
    I hope your Saul came out of all this okay.

    1. Sabrina – hope everything went well today! We just found out yesterday our 5 y/o Wilson has torn both of his CCLs and we will be doing a bilateral TPLO in a few weeks. Would love to hear about your experience and and tips you pick up to help us prepare!

  3. January 23, 2022 – Our 3.5 y.o. Great Dane has hip dysplasia and bi-lateral CCL tears. She is approx. 110 lbs and quite tall. We had multiple opinions and opted to go for the bi-lateral TPLO rather than do one at a time. We are addressing the hip dysplasia with supplements. Lily had bi-lateral TPLO on 1/3. She has been walking on her own since 1/5 (we used the help ’em up harness in case but she didn’t need it). We have just completed 3 weeks and are now starting 5-10 min walks 2-3 times per day. In week 4, we will begin cold laser therapy to assist with healing and arthritis prevention.

  4. My molly is 3 as of today. She was bunny hopping at 12 weeks old and her knees continued to get worse as she got older, she could only fetch once or twice before needing to lay down, walks has several breaks on our route. She genetically was born this way and also has hip dysplasia. I did a bi lateral TPLO when she was 12 months old, recovery went amazing, recheck xrays where perfect. Now she is having problems with her right leg, difficulty squatting to pee, her knee shifts back and forth when standing on it, doesn’t bear full weight most of the time. I had the surgeon look at her recent xrays and couldn’t find much, hip dysplasia in the left hip is worsening. We may remove the implant from the right leg and possibly get a knee brace built for her but I’m running out of options to keep her comfortable and mobile.

    1. Have you tried polyglycon injections? They have made a world of difference in my girl. She’s 8 now had both knees done, hip dysplasia and arthritis and she is running and playing. She gets a shot every 3 weeks along with her glucosamine and I added blue lipped muscles which are a good anitinflamatory

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