Conservative Management for a Dog with Pre-Existing Conditions – Sadie

Knee Injuries in DogsSadie is my daytime companion. My husband is Sadie’s favorite person at night when he gets home. Two weeks ago today we took Sadie to see the vet. Our dog was limping she somehow bad hurt herself Friday while turning around in the house.

Sadie has some pre-existing conditions epilepsy and hypothyroidism. So the vet recommended a few weekday rest and then see how she is. Not a surgical candidate. I have been doing my own research on the web.

Cruciate Ligament Treatment without SurgerySadie is taking prednisone because of tumors in her lung. She also takes potassium bromide, phenobarbitol and soloxine. For the torn cruciate ligament she takes a pain med. I started to give her NuVet Plus which is vitamins and minerals and other supplements. I also give her 1200 mg. of fish oil got her essential fatty acids. Now I give her 1500 mg. tablet of Glucosamine chondrointin MSM. I want to start her on Nujoint Plus.

We purchased a Bottoms up leash to bet me take get out to do her stuff.

Now I am checking into physical therapy or rehabilitation for bet but I am not a medical professional. I love her and I want to help her the best way I can.

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  1. You don’t say where you live, but if you are in the Los Angeles vicinity, there is an excellent Rehabilitation Center called California Animal Rehabilitation, at which vets and physical therapists administer a combined holistic and medical treatment which includes acupuncture, natural and medical pain relief, and an extensive protocol of physical therapy treatment. I have been taking my golden retriever for treatment there for almost two months and he is showing marked improvement. He has a 2 cruciate rupture. They have had miraculous results with some dogs that have been paralyzed for various reasons.

    If you are not in L.A., there are probably similar rehab centers in your area. But make sure they are operated by both veterinarians and physical therapists – to get the best treatment possible.

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