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Callie – CCL, TTA Surgery with Complications

Callie partially tore her CCL in November and had been doing underwater treadmill therapy and cold laser therapy with our holistic vet. She was doing better until a setback in April when she ran off the deck at a neighbor’s dog, tore some fibers but not completely torn. Then in June, she snuck out when patio door was open and sprinted to my neighbors and ran back and and at that point, she had torn it completely.

We immediately saw our traditional vet (holistic vet on vacation) and she confirmed a completely torn CCL and recommended surgery. So, we had surgery consult with a board certified ortho surgeon who recommended TTA surgery. I asked about stem cell injections and he said would not work with a full tear. So she had the surgery. Surgery went well but she was very antsy and had a hard time settling at night once home. She pushed out of her closed in area and climbed up the stairs 1 week after surgery. I panicked and called the hospital and they said as long as there is no change in her use of the leg, she is ok. There was no change as she continued to toe tap and was improving in ability to walk for the next 2 weeks.

Everything changed when the dreadful day came when I was driving her to her rehab eval appointment, she began to cry in the back seat and when I arrived at the hospital, she had already suddenly passed away. The ER doctor said he suspects a blood clot. My regular vet and the surgeon have no idea what happened and stated this never happens. My holistic vet however says it is always a risk with surgery.

I am devastated. I lost the love of my life suddenly at age 8. She was healthy. We followed holistic practices, good nutrition, supplements, low exposure to toxins. This should not have happened and I continue to search for answers. I came across this site in the hope that someone may be able to help me understand what happened to my beloved Callie because I am so heartbroken. If I could have changed anything, I would have looked into PRP (platelet rich plasma) or stem cell therapy when the CCL was only partially torn. However once torn completely, from what I have found out, surgery is the best option.

If anyone here has had any experience such as mine (and I am hoping no one has had to experience this tragedy), please reply to my post as I desperately am searching for answers.

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