My Dog Swallowed a Staple

Help My Dog Swallowed a Staple

Accidents happen, and this is certainly the case in post operative dogs.  Sometimes, despite our best efforts and watchful eye, dogs can remove their surgical staples.  Unless your dog has done this within a few days of returning home from surgery, or you notice pus, excessive bleeding, or a large, open wound where the staple is missing, your dog should be just fine.  If either case is true in your situation, contact your veterinarian for assistance.

The best thing to do if your dog is able to get his/her staples out is to contact your veterinarian and check to see what their protocol is for an accidental staple removal.  Again, be sure to let them know if you notice and sort of infection around the surgical site.  Most likely your veterinarian will just have you place a butterfly bandage or steri strip over the places where staple(s) were removed, and to check your dog’s feces to be sure the staple(s) have passed.  If at all possible, it is advisable to have your dog eat some bread or soft cheese after ingestion so the soft food binds to the staple to allow for easy passing through the digestive tract.

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