Financial Assistance for Dogs Needing Surgery

How Will I Afford CCL Surgery for DogThis financial help guide for veterinary care was last updated on 12/29/17.

Cranial cruciate repair surgery is an expensive proposition for all dog owners. Regardless of the procedure chosen – TPLO, TTA, or traditional extracapsular repair – dog owners can expect to spend anywhere from $1000 to above $5000 to have their pet’s knee repair performed by a licensed veterinarian. While there are not an abundance of financial assistance options for owners needing to push ahead with CCL surgery for their dog, there are a few organizations and financing companies that understand the type of burden CCL repair surgery can put on a budget and are willing to offer their help. Below are short descriptions and links to the companies I know about that may be able to offer assistance, if anyone else knows of other sites/groups please post a comment so I may add it to the list.

Below is a list of financial help resources for dogs facing illness, disease, surgery or a life threatening emergency. Click on the underlined titles to be taken to the rescue and/or financial assistance website.

For Cruciate (CCL or ACL) Liament Injury Specific Financial Assistance Information Visit Our PageWhat If I Can Not Afford CCL Surgery?


Care Credit – This is the most readily available and easiest to obtain of all the financing options for CCL repair surgery. They offer a full range of payment plans with low/no interest for a set period, which depends on the agreement CareCredit has with your veterinarian’s office.

Good Sam Fund (DISCONTINUED) – Good SAM (Special Assistance and Memorial Fund) was established to create financial aid for sick or injured animals who either are stray or client-owned animals in special circumstances. The fund is supported entirely by outside donations and your pet must meet one part of their criteria to be considered for financial assistance.

IMOM – IMOM is an all-volunteer, 501(c)3 charity that receives all its money used to help animals from outside donations. The organization was founded in 1998 and since then they have raised over $1,000,000 and saved the lives of over 1,470 companion animals.  This is for animals facing life threatening emergencies.

The Pet Fund – The Pet Fund is a registered 501(c) 3 nonprofit association that provides financial assistance to owners of domestic animals who need veterinary care. Their mission is to help companion animal owners to avoid the difficult decision to put an animal down or neglect medical needs because of the costs involved.

United Animal Nations – Founded in 1987, United Animal Nations (UAN) is North America’s leading provider of emergency animal sheltering and disaster relief services and a key advocate for the critical needs of animals. The RedRover Relief Grants (formerly the LifeLine Grant Program) offered by the UAN provides funding to Good Samaritans, animal rescuers, non-profit organizations and pet owners to help them care for animals in life-threatening situations.

AAHA (DISCONTINUED) – AAHA Helping Pets Fund works with selected veterinary practices to help owners facing financial hardship.  If your pet is a patient at an AAHA-affiliated location, your vet can recommend for you to be part of this program, and you may receive assistance from their emergency and non-elective fund programs if you qualify.

Help A Pet (DISCONTINUED) – HELP-A-PET is a nonprofit which provides financial aid to the following types of pet owners:  physically and mentally challenged individuals, senior citizens and children of the working poor.   They assist in paying for the medical care of pets for owners are unable to afford the expense.

Ashley’s Angel Fund – Pet assistance for North Carolina pet owners whose pets are facing a life-threatening condition, and demonstrate an inability to pay for their pet’s treatment.

NY Save – SAVE: Save Animals in Veterinary Emergency.  Program for New York City pet owners whose pets are facing a life threatening medical emergency.  The SAVE program allows owners to take their dog to receive emergency treatment, regardless of ability to pay.

The Mosby Foundation – Virginia based pet assistance program to assist in the care of sick, injured, abused, and neglected dogs through financial support and public education.

Brown Dog Foundation, Inc. – Assistance for pet owners facing financial crisis for their dog facing a life-threatening, but treatable, condition.

Paws 4 A Cure – All volunteer nonprofit organization that provides financial assistance throughout the United States to those who cannot afford veterinary care for their beloved furry family members. Paws 4 A Cure helps dogs and cats with all illnesses and injuries, and does not discriminate against breed, age, or diagnosis.

Pit Bulls Against Misinformation – American Pit Bull Terrier Advocacy & Education group that provides veterinary care grants to those in need. Cancer-related costs are capped at $250 per dog and quality of life care (such as knee surgery) is capped at $150 per dog. Despite its name, this group does not discriminate against breed. Dogs of any breed or mix are welcome to apply.

Rose’s Fund for Animals – Public charity that offers assistance to those whose pet has a good prognosis but but are financially exhausted. The veterinarian will call the fund after the owner has used his/her own resources and applied for a “care card” at the veterinarian’s office.

Violet’s Friends in Need Fund – Program created by Oscar Newman LLC to help pets and their owners by providing financial assistance for urgent or critical veterinary care.

Breed Specific

Pit Bull Rescue Central – Financial aid resources for Pit Bull and Pitbull mix owners facing expensive veterinary treatments and evidence of hardship to pay.

Westie Med Inc. – Entirely volunteer run, non profit organization focusing on providing financial aid to injured or ill rescue Wesites.

Labrador Life Line – This assistance program is specifically for purebred labs, and their financial assistance includes, but is not limited to, covering various medical costs (surgery, treatment, medication) and help to cover rescue or transportation expenses.

Corgi Aid – Financial resource for Welsh Corgi owners facing financial difficulty paying for the treatment, surgery or care of their Corgi.

Special Needs Dobermans – Organization dedicated to assisting Doberman owners facing hardships and difficulty paying veterinary bills.

Dougal’s Fund (DISCONTINUED) – Westy and Corgi owners needing financial assistance and help to pay for their vet costs.  Their mission is to see to it that all Westies and Corgis get the medical care they need.

Labrador Harbor – To provide charitable funds to private citizens or non-profit rescue organizations that directly benefit the immediate physical well-being of Labrador Retrievers including medical intervention, surgery, after-care, hospitalization, rehabilitation, behavioral intervention, or other health related needs.

LABMED – Internet-based non-profit organization created to distribute financial aid and assistance to injured or ill rescues around the country, giving them a second chance at adoption and love from a permanent family.

Jake Brady Memorial Fund – Their goal is to provide funding for corrective, suitable, and life-saving medical treatment to companion animals of families in need, focusing on major incidents including: emergency treatment, surgery, x-rays, preventative therapy and room/board.

Pyramedic Trust – The misson of the Pyramedic Trust (PaT) is to provide financial help for Great Pyrenees’ owners/rescuers whose Pyrs are in need of emergency medical care.

Illness or Treatment Specific


Canine Cancer Awareness – Canine Cancer Awareness, Inc. provides assistance to veterinarians providing care for dogs with cancer whose families cannot afford treatment.

Cody’s Club – Cody’s Club provides financial support owners with dogs needing to undergo radiation treatments on a limited income. Cody’s Club also offers emotional support services in the form of a hotline and in-person group that meets monthly.

The Magic Bullet Fund – The Magic Bullet Fund helps people who do not have financial resources to provide cancer treatment for their best friend. The focus of The Magic Bullet Fund is on sparing or prolonging the life of a beloved companion.


Tipper and Squirt Care for Cushing’s Fund, Inc. – Provides financial aid to families who are struggling to pay their dogs’ medical costs associated with the diagnosis and treatment of the disease.


Diabetic Pets Fund (Still Operating, but not currently accepting any applications.) – The Diabetic Pets Fund is solely to help diabetic pets in need by providing owners with financial hardship with necessary supplies and veterinary consultations to keep their diabetic pets healthy.

For Working and Service Dogs

Land of Pure Gold – The Land of Pure Gold is a nonprofit organization providing treatment grants to working dogs diagnosed with cancer. They also fund research in comparative oncology.

Assistance Dog Special Allowance Program – This fund is available only for California residents. The Assistance Dog Special Allowance Program provides a monthly payment of $50 to service dog owners who use a guide, signal, or service dog to help them with needs related to their physical disabilities. The allowance is to help pay the costs of food, grooming, and health care for the dogs.

Create Your Own Fundraiser

Give Forward – GiveForward allows you to set up your own personalized fundraising page to share with friends/family to enable them to send encouraging words and financial assistance to those in need during times of medical crisis.

For Additional Information Visit the Humane Society Website for a State by State listing of financial aid available for your pet.

161 thoughts on “Financial Assistance for Dogs Needing Surgery

    1. My Boston Terrier has cataracts too. Have you nice people had any luck. Told 3300. best wishes to you and your dogs.

      1. We have had 2 blind Boston’s. We went to a canine opthamologist. They told us they could remove the cataracts but it would only have a 25% chance of success. They said that Boston’s are the problem children of eye issues. She has good days with her vision. She is actually very happy.

    2. My mother’s Teacup Poodle, Christina Angelina needs Cataract surgery. She has started to have problems seeing and was diagnosed as needing cataract surgery. Chrissy (for short) is a nursing home dog, and she is the mascot for the Hope House for the senior citizens here in Springfield Ohio. Do you know of an agency or organization that can help fund this surgery.
      Chrissy now lays around because she cant see very well. it is sad to see because she is loved by everyone and her love for those in need is a blessing and makes a difference in the lives of those she visits.
      Any help anyone can provide would be such a help. Thank you in advance

  1. i need help for my dogs surgery, she has a tumor that needs to be removed. it costs 550.00 and i have actors and others donating 150.00 but i need 400.00 more. i only get ssi, i am a disabled single parent with multiple sclerosis.

  2. my mamas(dog) needs tumor removal and i cant find financial help. always told no funds availible or for specific situations

  3. My scottish terrier has cataracts at age 5 years and needs surgery. I’m completely disabled and rely solely on disability. Am I able to get help?

  4. My dog name cloe is 9 years old and she has several tumors on her tummy, and they are growing the surgery is over 500.00 can not afford it she is getting worse the tumors area starting to blead I have been checking all over to get help with this surgery, if anyone could direct me in the right direction so I can get help finacially.

    1. Hi Tammy I lost my beloved Nana to the same type of tumors but it took her suddenly within 3 days she was gone.and my heart hurts everyday. Have you heard of the Daisy project assist low income and disabled people with financial help for their animals. If they don’t there’s a lot more some go by what State you live in or you can call a state food bank in your area that’s how I found out there’s Assitance. I hope this helps you and your loved animal.God bless.Cynthia Williams,San Antonio,Texas

    2. Please try this website and see the list of resources your can click on to help you financially for your Cloe’s surgery. Good luck and God bless since my precious Maci Bluenose PItbull has tumors and cysts growing aggressively on her face. I applied for CareCap and Care Credit to help me find some payment plan program to afford her surgery.

  5. My lab is just under a year old. tore his ACL about 3 months ago and just tore the other one. i have a newborn child and cant afford a $2,000 bill. please can anyone let me know how i can get any finacial help?
    please email me
    thank you!!!

    1. Stephanie,
      I am going through the same thing right now except my dog is ten and i need surgery that is going to cost me 30 thousand .. so how do i justify 4-6 thousand on my daughter…(couldnt have kids she is all i have)…So i can keep a roof over our heads and food in our bellies … seems like there is help but not in our reach…I am going batty with the whole thing …..If you can contact me …And if i find anything in meantime i will text back
      thankyou and good luck
      Desiree and Aster to!

    1. Bilateral Patella Luxation in a congenital defect and if you purchased your puppy from a reputable breeder/ seller this should be covered in your health guarantee. Have you contacted your breeder? If for no other reason, so that they *hopefully* stop breeding the dogs that are passing this to their offspring.

  6. Help please! My dog needs immediately cancer surgery and chemotherapy for rectal and lymph node cancer. He will definitely die if I don’t do it immediately. I have already run up a 1,000 bill with my vet who is willing to let me make very small monthly payments. I have lost my job, my home to foreclosure and am now taking care of my 82 year old mother who had to evacuate from Texas due to Hurricane Ike. The
    surgeon wants $5,000 and I don’t even know how much for the chemotherapy yet. Please help!

  7. My dog started dragging his legs and yelping in pain. When i took him to the vet, they said that he would need and mri and possible surgery which would cost a couple thousand or more. I can’t afford it, but i love my dog. I don’t want to just put him down. Could you help?

    1. my dog angel needs surgery in her knees she can’t walk have a hard time even to go to the bathroom she collapses she is 6 years old good heath except for he knees i’m sick she is always there for me please i need help she helps me and i want to help her elizabeth

      1. My moms has a Dotson who 10 years old and has cancer all threw his body and is suffering she is low low income and the vets here in tahama county will not work with her because he needs to be put to sleep so he doesn’t suffer no more is there any help out there to get him put to sleep and cremated this is killing my mom because it was her companion dog and all she had left of my father please and help would be so great full Kim

  8. my yorkie is 8 months and she needs surgery for her bilateral luxating patella, i cannnot afford the surgery . how can i get financial help?

    1. Bilateral Patella Luxation in a congenital defect and if you purchased your puppy from a reputable breeder/ seller this should be covered in your health guarantee. ESPECIALLY because your dog is still so very young. Have you contacted your breeder? If for no other reason, so that they *hopefully* stop breeding the dogs that are passing this to their offspring.

  9. my pitbull is almost 3…and apparently swallowed something and has intestinal blockage, very dehydrated…so far this weekend spent 1000 figuring that out…now he needs surgery!!! 2200!!! what can i do, is there any emergency funding for dog surgery?? he’s miserable

  10. I have a beagle/australian shepard mix and she is the sweetest dog and has a big heart. Her surgery is for a binign fatty turmorthe size of a football, which is under her front leg. I have had financial trouble over the last couple of years. I had finally put together the six hundred dollars to get her surgery and something broke in my car and I had to pay $800 to fix it. So now I do not have the money to get her surgery. She needs the surgery now and I would be more than happy to recontribute the money back into the fund when I get a job. I just don’t have good credit right now because of money I had to put out for the cost of gas and loosing my job. Has caused money problems.
    Would you be able to pay the $600 dollars now for her surgery and when I get back to work I will continue to donate back into the fund.
    Denise Strong
    (517) 775-8997

  11. Hello 6yr old dog storee she needs surgery and it cost 753.00 she has 3 mass tumors and i can afford it right now to get the surgery done if i dont come up with the money by march 28th they will take my baby from me and i dont want that to happen i just got her back from the person who let her get this way i love my baby and i would never hurt or see her get hurt if you could help me please. or call 267-407-8557 thank you and may god bless you….

  12. My mom’s dog(palmiranian) is in DESPERATE need of surgery. She has a piece of metal in her stomach & DEPERATELY needs a blood transfusion & surgery that’s over $3000. Our income does not meet financial aid requirements. PLEASE call 859-327-1301 for donations. Thank you! Please pray for our dog!

  13. My dog has Legg-Perthes disease. They told me it could be between $800 – $1250 for the surgery. They can’t be sure until they go in and start the surgery. Can I get assistance for this type of surgery?

  14. My dachshund, who is 8 years old, has degenerative disc disease. The vet said there is a surgery to correct it. Could I get assistance?

  15. my boy timber has lymphoma cancer i am trying to find help with the financial help, if anyone knows anything or anyone to help plz contact me asap…


  16. HELP pls! My little 8 month old mini schnauzer, Phantom, got his little leg run over last night! He has torn ligaments, broken bone and no skin in the area! The surgery for him will cost $5000!!! That’s what the vet in Orange County CA said….I can foot up to $2000 but not $5k…who can help? or hdoes anyone know of a place where the surgery can be about $2000? thanks!! God bless all of your dogs! my e-mail is:

  17. Hi – my friends dog is blind from cataracts in both eyes. she was told it would cost about $5000 per eye which sounds expensive to me. She can not afford to help her dog, Daisy. Is there any financial aid that she can get?

    1. Hi Kay,

      As wonderful as it would be to give sight to your friends blind dog, there are many blind dogs out there that live wonderful lives. There are many websites and forums dedicated to sharing information and resources just for owners of visually impaired dogs. All she needs to do to find the is a simple Google search 🙂 Also, here is a link to what is commonly called a “hoop harness’ for visually impaired dogs. There are many variations (some utilizing pool noodles, different harness), but this will get her started! It’s a pretty nifty idea that works really well in my experience. Good luck!

  18. PLEASE HELP! my service dog, Promise, had to have TPLO surgery on 7/14/09 on her right knee. It cost $4500.00 which I put on a credit card. I cannot tell you how important she is to me. I love her and she loves me back. She lets me have the kind of life I never thought I’d be able to have by being with me and helping me. She is getting better I think, but I’m doing worse i think because of the big bill I made.She is now allowed to walk in the house for 5 minutes twice a day. Eventually, she will be able to walk outside for 5 minutes twice a day for one week and then add 5 minutes after each week until she is up to 30 minutes a day (Im pretty sure). I know everybodys pet means the world to them and its not just me asking for help. Anything would help, even ideas. If you can’t help out, I will understand. Thank you for taking my request. It means a lot to me. my email is Thank you so much. PJ

  19. what is moderation? i cant find my post on asking for financial assistance for my dog. Is it out there somewhere, or has it been denied? I love her so much that i will do anything for her even though i am on a fixed income and put it on a charge card. she is my service dog and she takes such good care of me that i would do anything for her. in CA it was 4500.00. Im sort of worried about paying it back, but she is far more important to me than money. It only took her a second to get injured, and I still cant believe it. I think she is getting better, but her knee or ankle (i cant tell which) cracks (like people do with thier fingers sometimes) when she gets up. I couldnt just wait to have her fixed because without her, i was nothing and nobody and doing less than existing. she has turned my life around, and it’s the very leat i can do for her. even if you cant help (i read all the other letters above), I will understand. I wouldnt have changed my decision for anything. She has changed my life so much I cant even tell you. I dont have an website and i hope it doesnt matter. My email is
    Please know that I am praying for all the dogs I read about above. Ive never asked for financial help until now. it is very hard to do. But Promise is worth it and 1000 times more. Im asking for her even though it will help me by putting my mind at ease. Also, the vet says she will need a shot in her muscle for the rest of her life that is expensive. I don’t know there is anyone out there who can help, but thank you for listening, and good luck with your dogs. I can tell that you love them as much as I love mine. PJ

  20. I have a Golden Retreiver with a grapefruit size tumor hanging from his stomach. I lost my business and my house this year. I can’t seem to find employment I am Master Carpenter for 28 years. Thank you in advance. This dog needs surgery now, but I don’t have and money.

  21. i have a small dog 20 pounds and his name is boo-boo. hes got tumors in his belly and needs surgery. i am on social security and NEED HELP!!!{with the cost} this dog is my whole life, his my best friend and only family i have.i dont go any where without him.PLEASE, PLEASE… if you can help me contact me at

  22. My dog was diagnozed with cancer..He’s 11 years old and still has a lot of life left in him..I was given the option of spending thousands for surgery,which I don’t have,or put him down..I can’t put him down,he’s my baby,and it would kill me..And I also can’t watch him suffer..Where can I get help…

  23. My dog was diagnozed with cancer..He’s 11 years old and still has a lot of life left in him..I was given the option of spending thousands for surgery,which I don’t have,or put him down..I can’t put him down,he’s my baby,and it would kill me..And I also can’t watch him suffer..Where can I get help…contact me at

  24. There are organizations formed specifically to keep seniors and their pets living well, together. They provide food, rides, financial assistance for the dog’s well-being – in some cases, including surgery. There are different requirements for the organizations to fit their criteria. You would have to do a search in your area. Some places offer care for your pet all the way through cremation upon the pet’s demise. Some offer care for people over age 55! I don’t know if there are “blanket” organizations that are nationwide and refer you to a local help center. It would be good to find out!


  25. Please help my 21 month old white Lab. Her name is Gabby she is lame on her left side. About 19 days ago I heard a yelp from my backyard, I went to see what happend. My dog could not walk. She was outside for about 5 minutes playing with the other dog. I took her to the vet where they took $800.00 worth of xrays. They informed me that she had 2 rRUPTURED, (not torn) ACL’s. She requires 2 TPLO surgeries at the cost of $6,000.00. They made me pay $800.00 in cash and gave me back my poor dog. They said she wont be able to walk until the surgeies are performed. I am a single woman who is on permanent disability and on a fixed income. Needless to say I cannot afford this large amount of % all at once. The surgeon requests CASH upfront before the surgery. I would like to know if there is anyone, who knows who to contact for help. If someon could donate a brace for her leg, or meds. Such as rimadyl, antibiotics, and pain meds for her. Anything that she might need after the surgery. If anyone could help me with financial aid for the surgery. She is in extreme pain and the rt. knee must have blown awhile back cause she already has arthritis in it. The longer she waits the worse they will get and chances for severe arthritis. She is not even 2 yrs. old. She is a sweetheart and deserves a chance at a long good life. I am willing to do anything for her. She has got me through some tough times, I got her 3 days after putting my 14 yr. old Lab down due to hip dysplasia. Gabby is just too young for this. Are ther any alternatives for her? Has anyone heard of the tightrope procedure invented by Dr. Cook? I heard it is less invasive, but dont know who does that type of surgery. If anyone has any information or advice please email me @ HELP!!!! Thank You MNicole & Gabby

  26. My dog Brady had intracapsular repair surgery in his left knee. We kept him very confined but he still reinjured the leg. He then tore his ligament in his right knee. We took him to a specialist where they told us about the TPLO surgery. He needs it in both legs, which is going to cost about $5000.00. We are unable to afford it now. Any ideas of how to raise this money is greatly appreciated. Please check out our website at Thanks.

  27. I have a 5 year old chocolate lab named Rebel. He is the most amazing dog! It was just Rebel and I for a while. Now I am recently married and my husband lost his job. We are supporting ourselves on my income alone. We found out yesterday that Rebel need surgery to repair a cruciate ligament injury. The surgery is around $2500 which we do not have right now. I checked with the vet specialists in the area and none of them will take a payment plan. Rebel cannot walk at all at this point. My husband has to carry him up and down the stairs to go potty. He is perfectly healthy except for the fact that he can’t walk. Not having the surgery is not an option. Please let me know if there is any programs available that can help with this kind of thing…..we love our baby and we are desperate …..any suggestions are much appreciated! Thanks….Laurie, Kyle and Rebel please email me at

  28. My husband&I have a Mini Eskimo that is my world, we are able to keep up with all his bet check ups because we have him on the petsmart plan,but unfortunately he has to get reconstructive surgery on his leg&we were told it cost anywhere from 1000-2000. Is there anyway we can get help, he is enlisted in the marine corps&im a full time college student, so financially we don’t have that much just to throw down in surgery=( please help me with any advice!

  29. Is there anyone in NJ that will help me pay for Medial Patellar Luxation surgery for my rescued Pitbull/Labrador mix? I’m having a hard time coming up with the money for this surgery. I got laid off a while back, and am only able to find part time work, so I can only afford the basics right now. Any help will be appreciated.

  30. Robert, Call 212 838-8100. I heard that they will help if qualified. I am waiting for a call myself for my dog too. Also Care Credit will let you pay without interest for 18 months, shop around for prices. They can vary from 1400.00-2500.00. Good luck, Anna

  31. Is there anywhere in the Ft. Myers, FL area that will help pay for my yorkie’s anal sac removal? I have tried a lot of different things and the Vet thinks he needs this. It’s so sad, he smells alful. He used to cuddle all the time and now he hide under the sofa or bed. It’s so sad.I don’t know if he does it because he is in pain or just embarassed. I got him as a pup and than got sick and had to have chemo. He was there for me in ways my family never was. He’d lay on the bed with me waiting for me to wake up. I love him so much, he was always there for me and I want to give him what he needs but I’m unemployed (haven’t gone back to work since the chemo). His name is Chewie.I would appreciate any help.

  32. my kids have 16 week old a scottish terrier mix, she has a femoral fracture which requires surgery shes so other options in my book, can anybody help.please we love our dog.

  33. I want to adopt a dog at a shelter. She is about to be put down. She has cataracts in both eyes. The price for surgery ranges from $2900-$5500. Is there assistance that you know of so I can help her or a vet that will do charity work?

  34. My Rottweiler has completely torn his ACL. The surgery (extracapsular is 1600) (TPLO is 2400).I was laid off April 2009. I can’t stand to see him in so much pain. Can anyone help?

  35. It breaks my heart so much to see so many people in need. I am in need as well. One night while I was at work, my dog got outside and ran into the street and got hit by a car. At first, my roommate thought she was dead, but then Betty, (my dog) got up and moved to the curb and collapsed. I spent over 1000 to take her to the emergency vet and keep her overnight for observation. Betty broke her pelvis in 3 different places and has also dislocated her elbow. Surgery was recommended for the pelvis but was not need. Dislocated elbow different story. the surgery for her dislocated elbow would be 2250…times two. They say that because its been so long, she might need two surgeries. I love my dog more than anything and vice versa. I would appreciate any help here in Minnesota. Let me know.

  36. My mom and her dog Abby live in Mesa Arizona with my grandparents. My mom moved down to Arizona in September and only has a temporary job and isn’t able to afford the surgery that Abby needs. She has a herniated disk in her neck and is in pain. She’s on pain medicine and can’t walk. The veterinarian that saw Abby said that she needs the surgery but it would cost 7,000 dollars. Abby is currently taking medicine and is still in pain. Of course due to the fact that the surgery is not affordable, putting Abby to sleep is what will need to be done if she doesn’t have surgery. As a family we are all taking it very hard and are looking for any other option that might be available. She is a sweet and loving companion and has been more of a support to my mom than you can imagine. It would truly be devastating to lose her for all of us. Pets these days are more like kids as I’m sure you have noticed and all we want to do is take care of them and take their pains away. I would appreciate any advice or financial options…aside from Care Credit that are available. Due to Abby’s pain there is a very short timeframe at this point. We wouldn’t be reaching out if Abby wasn’t so important to all of us.
    Please help!!

  37. I don’t have alot of answers for the financial assistance, except that we are using some of our retirement money for our dog. I do know that there are some associations that have charitable assistance for people and pets in need. In the Rochester NY area, MVA…Monroe Vet. Association. This is one of their charters. I would look to see if there is an association of this nature in your locale. Also, some rescue groups, which are usually breed specific, will help with fund raising for dogs needing to be placed from a shelter. Well, and then there is the credit card or loan route. I have had to do this twice in one year, for both of my dogs. The other advice I would offer…get a second opinion, and at a Veterinary teaching hospital, if possible. If it were you and you needed surgery, wouldn’t you do the same? We found that by doing this, the surgery we opted for, was half the price of the quotes we were hearing. They recommended a different strategy, one that was actually better for my dog and again, the price was half of our first quote. Further, they performed all of the surgeries and could have done the expensive one, but it would have been harder on the dog and on us. They didn’t feel that was the best option for her. She needed both legs operated on. 3 days later, I have her home and will be doing the rest of the work, going back only one more time for physical therapy.

  38. Hi my name is maria and I need help with my dog surgery he has a broken elbow and i don’t have money to pay for the surgery. I need your help!!!
    Thank you!!!!

  39. My reg. service animal and Love of my life has 2 A.C.L. 1 torn and one ruptured. Sweet Pea. 95lbs. and will be 2 years the 23rd of Feb. I have chosen the hollistic way of treatment till now, the injury first one was Nov 1st. and second knee was on Jan 15th. Pro-lo injections accupunture and chiro. Added costs $3,0000 so far.I been doing research to find that a large still Puppy isn’t going to have much success with this therapy.Have another consult appt. In Reno tomorrow Feb.17th 2010. My question is there any finanical assistance for service Animals I live on Social Security and I need my Service Dog healthy and pain free and happy again doing what she lives for, helping me..
    Thank You

  40. HELP MY DOG PLEASE… im jesse and i have a 3year old american bull dog and he needs three differnt surgerys. he snaped his ACL wile running and then the acl problem led him to a torn meniscas (the cartleg between his knee). and he also has hipdisplaceia the hip problem is genetic. i am facing up to 17,000. in surgery bills and my dog is in constant pain please help

  41. My poor boxer at the of three torn a ligament in each leg and has had a stroke which caused him to lose slight function in his back legs. The doctors say that it will cost over $6,000 for the operation which we don’t have at the moment. My dog is now 6 years old and everyday he’s in extreme pain with a will to live. But it breaks my heart knowing he’s in such pain. My only other alternative is putting him down if I can’t find someone who would help us.

  42. i have a stafford shire terrior, aka pit, he is 5 years old and his name is hoss. i just brought him to emergency vet lastnight because he was in pain and couldnt move his back legs all within 1 hour. they diagnosed him with having Degenerative Disc Disease. stage iv, wich requires surgery right now. surgery cost anywear from 3,000 to 5,000 dollars, and i have been laid off for more than a year, is there any fund, or anything that i might be avaliable for my boy hoss.

  43. i have a stafford shire terrior, aka pit, he is 5 years old and his bame is hoss. i just brought him to emergency vet lastnight because he was in pain and couldnt mofe his back legs all within 1 hour. they diagnosed him with having Degenerative Disc Disease. stage iv, wich requires surgery right now. surgery cost anywear from 3,000 to 5,000 dollars, and i have been laid off for more than a year, is th3re any fund, or anything that i might be avaliable for my boy hoss.;

  44. I have a 8 year old Sheltie . He was given to me about 3 years ago. His name is Lucky. He has been hit by a car 2 times.The people who had him before me never took him to the vet after he got hit by those cars. He has a hard to getting up in the mornings. His back legs hurt him alot. He has 2 knots on his sides . They are the size of 50 cent pieces.We love him so much. I am a single mother of 3. I am currently not working. Is there anything I can do?

  45. I have a 2 month old pure lab who was stepped on by a careless female, who come to my house with a friend. When she stepped on her, she broke her hip, the vet said she needs surgery asap to fix it. I dont have the money to fix her due to being a single mom, with a house, car, and so many more things to pay for. I considered getting a second job but that leaves even less time with my little girl. Someone please help me, my daughter loves her puppy!

  46. I have a four and a half month old english bulldog mix. I got her about 3 weeks ago, and we’ve been in and out of the vet due to her leaking urine. She has a birth defect that is going to cost around $3000 to correct.I’m terribly torn on what to do, my children and I adore her, and I would hate to have to part with her. If anyone knows how I would get assistance, or any other helpul information, please email me at
    Thank you

  47. My wonderful dog has a slipped disc in his spine that has caused him loss of use in his back leg. My dog is needing surgery in order for him to ever walk and use his back legs again. I hate seeing him having to wear a diaper and drag his legs. The srgeon is giving him a good chance to walk again. I am a single mom with 2 kids and dont have the extra $1000 to pay for surgery. please help

  48. My 3 year old rott/black lab mix has two torn acl’s in both back legs I have been to 3 seperate vets close to home I have been quoted nothing under $8000 for both legs Im a college student and in financial hardship like the rest of the world. Does anyone have any suggestions?

  49. Ohhh, Liz. We are in the exact same boat. I am apart of an online forum from rotties, (since mine is also a rottie/black lab cross too) and they said that “Wells Fargo Health Advantage Client Payment Plan Program –Veterinary Care Providers” I will myself be looking into this. I applied for Care Credit, but not all Vets accept it. Keep looking around, you will find something, Where do you live? I called about 7-10 different vets in my state of Iowa, and finally found one that was reasonable and knowledgable!

    I hope everything turns out okay for you and pup!

  50. I have a pure breed pit bull that is only 18 month’s old.He needs sugery for a blockage in his intestine.I applied for care credit & I was only approved for $500,the surgery is $1200.00.I’m going insane I feel horrid because he’s been puking,not eatting .Idont know who to call or what to do. And to be honest I think we should be able to CLAIM our 4 legged kids on our TAXES!!

  51. AMEN to that ginger-lee king!! We should be able to claim our 4 legged kids!! Coal, my 6 year ‘young’ black lab tore his rt. ACL 1 1/2 yrs ago. He had TPLO surgery and it went beautifully!! At that time of my life I could afford the $2800.00 for surgery. Now, he has torn his left ACL and being laid off, I cannot afford the surgery on my own. The medical facility is willing to give Coal a grant of $500.00 toward the cost. I also contacted Labrador Life Line and am hoping to receive another $500.00 from them.
    My point is, $ help is out there, just keep looking. Other organizations that my help are; Good Sam Fund, IMOM, The Pet Fund and Brown Dog Foundation. Hopes this helps you because I know what it is like watching your ‘baby’ hurt.

    P.S. After speaking with the manager at Coal’s surgical clinic, he is willing to let me make payments on any remaining balance without interest. He is aware of my financial situation and how hard I have been trying to receive funding. Desperate times call for desperate measures!!

  52. Liz, I feel for you. I have a 9 month old husky mix. We just found out that she was probably born in a puppy mill. She was left in the freezing cold outside an animal shelter where my daughter volunteers. We just found out that she has hip dysplacia and it is going to cost about $5000.00 for both legs. I’ve already been turned down by care credit. Does anyone have any suggestions? I am looking for any type of help that is out there.
    My email is


  53. Liz, I am also from Iowa, and in need of ACL surgery for our English Bull Dog. I was wondering the price you found and the name of the vet and town? We had the surgery done 3 yrs ago at Avondale in Des moines it cost about 2500.00 but cant really afford it this time. But still need to get the surgery done. Thanks for any info. Karen

  54. I have a 5-yr old American Bulldog named Chauncey, who has just torn both Rear ACL’s as well. I’m in the same boat, however have been quoted $3,700 – $4,400 per leg (As He’s 115 lbs) for the TPLO.

    As this is an “Elective” Surgery, has anyone here NOT been able to provide their dog with the surgery? If so, what is their quality of life?….

    Trying hard to find a way to get this done for my big guy, but obviously it is not a small investment in these hard times.

  55. I have a 3 year old APBT named Nyah. I have recently found out that she is in need of the TPLO. I have no idea how I will raise the 3 to 4 thousand it will cost to have this surgery. I have been out of work since April so the Care Credit Program is no use to me. I have been having problems finding fianancial aid because her condition isnt considered life threatening. I realize that times are hard but what about quality of life? It is so hurtful to watch her want to play and then have to hold her back because her excitement is over riding the pain. I have no idea where to turn from here. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

  56. My Pit mix is scheduled for TTA or TPLO (depending on what the vet sees) next week. $3100-$3550 – no problem, Im gonna knock over a few liquor stores 😀

  57. My dog (Shep/Rott mix) also tore his ACL on Monday. He is scheduled to have the surgery tomorrow morning. I noticed many comments are talking about the TPLO surgery. The vet I go to is going to do TightRope CCL Repair which is approx. $1000 less than the TPLO and less invasive. Cost for my location is $2500 but I have been reading and the cost of this surgery is less in other areas. According to the vet my dog will have less recovery with the TightRope surgery. My dog is still going to need to rest and recover. Not sure if having a surgery that cost $1000 less is helpful to anyone considering this is a expensive surgery to begin with. If so ask your vet about the TightRope CCL Repair I think it should be offered in most states, I live in upstate New York.

    1. Where is NY did you have this done? I live in the adirondacks and am facing this decision. I am about 2 hours north of Albany. How was the recovery from the TightRope procedure?

  58. Hi,
    I have a 3 year old chihuahua name snowy she was diagnosed with hernia. I am looking for help. I can’t aford the surgery and need a organzation to help and donate. The sugery is between $2,226-$2,782.
    – Thanks

  59. Hi, my dog kalie a pitbull, black lab mix chased a dog off the other day and came back early the next morning limping so I took her to the vet and found out that she broker her leg and it will cost 1500-3500 for me to get it fixed and I don’t have that kind of money. HELP me please I am begging. The ASPCA said they will have to take my dog if I don’t get help and if they take her they said they will have to kill her cuz that is more than what they are willing to pay. I love my dog more than life itself. So please help me and my baby girl out.

    1. My sons dog is a pitbull, lab mix and she needed surgery. She tore a ligament in her left and right knee and it was 1500 for the first leg and 1200 for the other (I took her to a different vet the second time) I did a collection around our town at various places and collected enough to get her first surger. The second surgery I found different orrganizations to help. I hope my story helps.

  60. Karen – Kathy – Liz – there are so many injured dogs needing assistance right now. My poor guy blew out both his knees. The lowest quote I received was 7K. I would give anything to be able to afford surgery but primary vet wouldn’t even finance the balance over my care credit limit. She said it is a luxury to have an animal and people who can’t afford to take care of them shouldn’t! Needless to say we’ve switched vets and are now with a very supportive team. . Right now we’re trying CM – there is a support group over on yahoo. Anyone reading this post and can help please call me at maxinerappleby (@) Gmail dot com

    1. Maxine, This is for you! One year ago in January, my 170 lb English Mastiff girl, Kendra, slipped on the ice while running. She tore out both ACL’s in her hind legs…near 100% tears. She could not walk as she had already been limping a bit on the front leg from some arthritis. I though all hope was lost…170lbs, and has one good leg. Two opinions made all the difference. Local hospital wouldn’t do both legs and was twice the cost. Went to Cornell University, NY and they recommended bilateral TTA. They did both legs and it was nearly half the cost. For me, it was that or I was going to lose her. Yes, that is what my credit card was for and if needed, my 401k! I was relieved to know that they were far more reasonable and it would be 1 surgery, 1 recovery, 1 physical therapy for both legs. So post op…I am going through once, not twice. I have been conservative. Have done her exercises, as best I can, have taken her to therapy and lead walked her for 1 year. It is now over 12 months later, I have let her build up in the house to playing with our other dogs. She is now allowed to go off lead in the yard. If thee is ice…she is on a lead. She runs and plays and is soooo happy again. I would not hesitate to repeat this all over again. It is amazing how wonderfully she is doing. I have kept her weight in check and have her on arthritic and joint supplements. No more front leg limp either!

  61. Hi, My 50lb dog needed surgery but I opted out for several reasons. I decided to see if it would heal itself. I dont know your details but this is what I did and you have to be extremely dedecated to it for 3 months at least.
    Short slow walks I only did once a day. No jumping on beds or furniture or anything, pick the dog up. Carry when possible down/up stairs(I built a ramp). No dog runs or playing. You have to eliminate all jumping, keeping the dog calm. It worked for my dog but was slow going, she is 7 and it happened 2 years ago so far very good, no problems at all. It is not easy but possibe. Good luck and if you still need surgery shop around, I got quotes that were hundreds of dollars in difference. Anna

  62. I adopted a lab/boxer on 2/22/2011.I have spent over $750.00 dollars so far on my pet. I was never told the dog had a problem with his leg. He came from an abused home down in VA. he was rescued and sent to RI.I took him to the vet.Now buddy our dog needs an operation on his hind leg for a ligament. The vet said it will cost around $2000.00 dollars for his operation. I am a single mom with two sons ages 9 and 12. I can not afford this. But my boys fell in love with buddy. We lost our dog of 151/2 yrs. in January. The boys wanted another dog so I gave in but told them we would adopt one. This has not been a good experience so far. The dog is wonderful with the boys and outside of being young he is a good boy. Buddy is only a year old. I can not take him away from them but I can not afford this either. I asked about his leg from the beginning and was told nothing was wrong. Does anyone no where can get some financial help?

    1. Hi Michelle, I was wondering where you were located. Also if you have looked into AAHA and the Veterinary Schools?

  63. cynthia,

    I don’t want to sound like a bummer here but AAHA gives $500 per year to the vet, most will not use for one animal. Vet Schools, at least Cornell, NC, MN and Michigan all charge more then a vet, that’s been my experience. It’s heart breaking. Believe me I’ve sat up many many nights crying. i worked hard to try to find funding and at least in my situation I found only one grant for $200.

    I had posted a link yesterday but my response never got on the board.

    Since Buddy is a boxer, search out “breed specific” funds. I know there is one just for boxers who are rescues. In addition, the Petco fund will partially fund up to $500 if you do not qualify for a care credit account.

    If anyone is reading this who wants to be an angel to my big boy and others on this on this forum, please email me at maxinerappleby (at) gmail DOT com

    Thank you

  64. My cocker spaniel is 5yrs old and in desperate need of ear surgery, he has been dealing with cronic, bacterial ear infections for 2yrs and they are now begining to calcify closing the ear canal. Without surgery the bacteria will continue to grow, this bacteria can be life threatenting. The vet wants to do surgery within the next 30 days but at $1200, unemployed with only a small disability for income i am unable to pay for his surgery. I have posted a donations page, if anyone can help or knows of a person or organization that can help please let me know. thank you

  65. my chiwawa needs knee surgey the total cost would be $1400 i dont have the money and if we dont do it soon shes gonna get arthritis then it would be too late to cure her. please and thank you if theres any information that would help

  66. my nearly 5 yr old rotweilder was diagnosed with lymphosarcoma approx.12 weeks ago. so far he had been receiving vincristine and cytoxan. he was in remission for several weeks but now out of remission. the vet added l spar to his chemo protocal this past fri. she draws labs each week. so far since he got sick he has had a fever, an infection and took batril, low red blood count and had to take 2 bottle of iron per week; then a bowel infection and lots of diarrhea. he took flagil,immodium and he takes pepcid for his vomiting.all of this together has probable cost me over 4,000.00. I broke my back,both hips and pelvis on feb 11,2010 and was totally bedfast for 3 months,then only up for 5 min 3 times a day for at least 6 more months. i now walk with a walker and will never work again. i was a registered nurse for 32 yrs and tried to help everyone. I have 2 children in college and a slow learner born at 30 wks and 2 lbs at home. my husband and i are getting a divorce and he does not give me a penny. i was about to lose my home and i am still behind on my house payments. i would have put this dog down,but when my back was broken and i was unable to get out of bed he laid in the bed with me and never left my side for months and months. do u know where i can get financial help immediatly. the vet will not give me a payment plan as her clinic is owned by a large corporation and my credit is bad due to when i broke my back i did not have any money coming in from feb till sept. i now just get a little check each month and try to get along on it. i have been sick with kidney stones recently but i cannot go to the dr because i have no medical insurance and no money to pay the bill with. now even worse i have a lump on my rt upper arm that is very painful and an irregular mole. i cannot see the dr because of no money. i am just so desperate and could u please please help me and barrion the rot. thank u and may god bless u and have a nice day. cathey

  67. My Jack Russell/Corgi mix was injured when chasing my Poodle Mix as a normal play for them. I took him to a vetinarian hospital an the said he has a torn ligament/ACL. I am so torn about what I should do. Obi Wan was given to me by a family who was moving to Colorado. He’s a beautiful dog.He has one blue and one brown eye. I am in desperate for help with his surgery. I have never experience any thing like this. My baby is in a great deal pain. I really need help for my dog. Please help me with any donations or a place I can take him that takes payment for this proceedure that will cost approxiamently $2000.00 to $3500.00. I Love my I am in need to help in any way possible.

  68. My 4 year old french bulldog (Halo) needs spinal surgery for a slipped disk. This is the second time with-in 2 years that this happened. First time we came out of pocket approx $4000 for her surgery and her recovery. She was doing great until we noticed her having the same issues again this morning. We need some advice on what we can do financialy in order to keep her with us. VPI insurance helped us a little for the last operation she had but was still a great amount for us to pay. We just had twin baby girls with in the last week. I am afraid that this time around we wont be able to come up with the money. Any suggestions that will help our situation out please let me know. VPI will not cover nearly as much this time around being it is the second time with the same injury. Even though it would hurt to give our princess away if we must for her well being we would to someone who can afford to pay for her surgery.

  69. I bought a one year old reg Bijon Frise from my neighbor for my adult niece. He had bought her in southern IN, I think. She was too hyper for him. Sadie,the dog, is about 4 now and has been spayed. She is gorgeous but about a year or so ago she started running into things. The problem is she has cataracts. When we got this info from the vet, we were devastated. My niece called the breeder and told them about the problem.
    My niece is ADHD and this dog was perfect for her. But, she is on a fixed income and can’t afford to get the surgery for the dog. I can’t afford it, but I can’t stand to see this dog running into everything.
    If you can direct me to someone that can help, I would appreciate it. The dog is too nice to let her live like this and I know surely someone can help us.
    Thank you for any assistance,
    Sharlet South

  70. Hello,
    I have a Neapolitan Mastiff who is about 11 years old which has a tumor on her right back leg the size of a large grapefruit or softball. Sometimes it leak fluid but not enough that the tumor shrink in size. I know that the tumor sometimes affect her walking because it is so heavy, but she still continues to try walk/play normal. If anybody can help me or lead me in the right direction so that I can receive some type of financial assistance to help my dog get a tumor removal. I live in the Germantown, MD Area. Thank you in Advance for your help

  71. Zoey, is our 8 month old Teddy Bear puppy. After much debate we decided to surprise our 12 yr old and 9 yr old with a puppy for xmas. We didnt do much homework, but fell in love with Zoey the minute we saw her, no questions asked. I’ve since been laid off and as sometimes bad luck comes in pairs our Zoey now needs surgery for Legg Perthese disease. Does anyone know of a place willing to provide financial assistance – it’s already been about a month since she was diagnosed and I know she is in pain – it breaks my heart to see my kids so worried and to see Zoey in pain, I think the pain meds are not working any longer. Please email me at (redacted) with any available information.

  72. I have a 12 year old dog that needs a cataract surgery in both his eyes. He is very miserable as he is not able to see anything at all and he bumps into people/stuff around him. I am from a low income family so please let me know if you will be able to help me in any way.

  73. My friends dog needs surgey it will cost $2500 and he is unable to afford this can anyone please send him information in regrads to financial assistance. Thank You

  74. I Don’ know if this work but heck I’ll give anything a try ….I have fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, and a low back pinch nerve I have not been able to work for the past 3yrs.i have filed for social security but I am awaiting a hearing date and that could be a year from now. I have no source of income coming in my friends and family has been helping me out as much as possible. I get Tolby food from the humane society free of charge and that has been truly a blessing Tolby was diagnosed with Legg calve perthes disease 10/05/11 and he needs Femoral head and neck ostectomy surgey.. since Tolby have been in my life hes the only thing that has been keeping me going. So if you can help me and Tolby it will be greatly appreciated…thank u so much in advance. I WROTE THIS B4 I HAD A CHANCE TO SPEAK TO MY VET, I PERSONALLY DON’T WANT ANY DONATION IM MY NAME IF U CAN EMAIL ME @ HOPEFULLY MY VET SAY I CAN HAVE DONATION SENT TO HIS OFFICE AGAIN THANK YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  75. We have a one year old lab/australian cattle dog mix that we a adopted from the local shelter. Turns out he has torn ACL’s in both knees. The surgery is $6,000. We have a new baby girl and an eight year old daughter. I’m afraid we are going to have to put Joey down because I can’t compromise the finances of my family. Of you can help in any way or know of someone who can, please contact me at If you want to know more about Joey’s case, you can call Dr Judy and ask about Joey Whalen. His number is (619)449-3500. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I don’t want to disappoint my little girl, and spend nights crying in bed if we have to put Joey down. Thanks for any help or suggestions. -Maria Whalen

    1. You might try contacting the shelter where you got Joey and see if they have any vets they work with. Some vets will give you a break if you adopted. I was told that FOCAS (Friends of County Animal Shelters – don’t know if there’s one or something similar where you are) here in our area will help adoptive pet parents. Good luck!

  76. Hi I have an 9 week old Lahso Apso, whom we call Honey. She has a broken leg and needs surgery ASPA. I was told the cost to repair her leg will cost $2500-$3000. Im a single mother of two and I cant afford that. I need some help, if anyone knows of a program, please let me know thx.

  77. Hello, we have the sweetest English Mastiff that has completely torn both of her acl’s. The surgery is over $4000.00 and is just out of our budget. We HATE to see her is such misery and love her like a child. We live in Cincinnati, Ohio and would really like some advice as to if there is any financial assistace offered anywhere. If we could recieve any help what so ever it may make this treatment possible and save our pet’s life. We can be reached at Thanks to all who offer any advice.

  78. Achilles,

    White larger pom mix 9 months old, injured a toe on his hind foot. He has licked and chewed the foot to where he has a tip of one toe. This has been over a period of 4 months and many trips to the vet ( who gave little help or much concern to why he was chewing his own foot off) He has continued to play jump and be as much of a puppy as possible. He reains pleasant and appears happy. This vet has now recommended removing the entire hind leg. I have now taken him to another vet who believes there is a chance to save the foot. The surgery to reconstruct the foot is expensive but I just could not give up. I can only pray that this surgery fixes the foot and gives reason to why he has continued to chew his foot off. He is in surgery at this time.

  79. i am a mom of 5 and i have a 5 month old shar pei who i just found out yesterday that he needs surgery for his eyes. his eye lids roll inwards in to his eyes and cause a lot of pain and irritation to him and he cant open them now, i took him to the vet yesterday because of his eyes i cant stand to see him in pain. they told me he needs surgery to correct the problem cause it is damaging his eyes and can end up blind if he doesnt get it soon. i was told the surgery is going to cost between 1000 to 1500 and i just dont have that, but i dont want to give him up either i am at a lost cause i cant stand to see him in pain either can someone please help

  80. I have a 7 year old pit bull that is in need of surgery, he has a torn ligament from his knee and has a problem walking. We just recently lost our home my husband is not working and we don’t have the means for the surgery. We live in Orlando Florida. If you can’t help is there someone that you can refer us to PLEASE.


    please help this dog is my life. His surgery is 1400.00

  81. As a last resort, I was wondering if anyone had any info on any opthamologist vets that do retinal surgery? We seriously cant afford the cost of retinal reattachment and hoped that there were vets that take this into consideration. Our lil Chi Bella, 2 years old has already gone blind in one eye and the other eye is certain without retinal surgery. The cost is so high and the vets who specialize in this surgery are so far and in between.
    Just really hoping someone has any info at all that may guide me with this sad situation:((
    Many thanks in advance

  82. hi im a single mom with 3 kids .i have a 4 month old puppy that needs surgery on his elbow i tried every thing i could to try and get him help . the vet told me the cost would be $1500 i did not get accepted by care credit i talked to all the vets in the omaha area my church the zoo and no help im so lost and my kids are sad .Can any one help?

  83. Single mother of 2 children and recently I got out of the Air Force (of 12 years) and have moved back home. My 15 yrs old mix breed Akita has been suffering from Hip Dysplasia and Degenerative Disc Disease of the spine going on almost 2 years now. He has been taking Tramadol, Rimadyl, Rejuvinate, Adiquain shots, and Prescription J/D dog food for 7-8 months now. A different doctor told me he may need hip surgery on both hips…can anyone tell me if there is anything less expensive to help us make him more comfortable because he has many more years to live??? Please help me, I’m not ready to give up on him, although I don’t have a lot of money to spend on him.

    1. Just curious what age your Akita started suffering from all of this? Presley, my Newfoundland mix, is just starting to experience all this stuff, on top of stomach problems, and he is only eight. He is young at heart, but his body is old. I want to know how long he can last in this state. I hate to have him suffering. Thank you!

  84. Just an FYI: I contacted every single one in the first group – all of them said they can’t help – not enough to go around or NONE to go around.

    Right now, there is no one other than Care Credit providing financial assistance. At all.

  85. Please HELP. my 6 year old boston terrier got hit by a car. The driver ran away. Now he has a broken leg and tons of other fractures. The vet says the surgery bill will be $ 3500. I have a brand new baby and cant afford the surgery. I cant put my dog down. he is a part of the family. My son loves him soo much and would depress him to put the dog down. Please can anyone help?

  86. I need help! My 8 year old dog needs emergency abdominal surgery, if anyone is willing to help the sweetest, most loveable pitbull terrier please please, please help. Anything gets me closer to the $6000 dollars I need to help him survive by abdominal surgery. VSMG 2291 Sperry Avenue, Ventura California 93003. Contact by phone (805) 339-9920, Pets name is Wreck marron.

  87. My 9 yr old yorkie has a torn ligament and a knee displacement and needs a $2,100.00 surgery. I just spent $200.00 at the vet and $105.00 seeing a surgen to find this out. I am on disability and this is more tham I live on monthly. If there is any assistance out there please help. It breaks my heart to see him in any kind of pain, Harley is my constant companion and with me every minute of the day.

  88. I have a sweet 8 year old english bulldog who’s health is depreciating before my eyes I’ve had her since she was 8 weeks. She tries hard to make everyone feel better about her circumstances cancer, it saddens me when vets suggest putting her down because I can’t financially afford treatments. I have two beautiful little boys who refer to her as there sister and she’s my daughter so clearly I want life for her not death.

  89. Presley, my once 130 pound Newfoundland rescue, blew out his other knee yesterday. He has one TTA from when he was two, but now that he is eight he has a had a whole slew of problems. He has been throwing up, losing weight, and moaning like crazy, but he is still very young at heart. I’ve been spending thousands of dollars for tests, etc., but they’re not finding anything. He had an ultrasound Thursday that was normal, blood work that came back Friday that was normal. So, we were discussing an endoscopy when he blew his knee Saturday playing fetch in the back yard. I am slowly losing patience and am depressed that my baby boy is hurt. I don’t know what to do, but if money was no object I would do it all. Does financial assistance work?

  90. My dog has acute glucoma and needs both eyes removed. I just lost one of my jobs two months ago and my second job just dropped my hours to about 10 hours per week, I need 5000.00 to help my dog or I will put her to sleep. this is braking my heart.

  91. my 7 year old dog hurt her lower back . And now her two back legs don’t work 🙁 . The vet told me it will cost 6,000 to fix her up. HELP ME

  92. My little Lhasa Apso, Emma, has a cruciate ligament problem and may need surgery. Please help me find some help for her financially!

  93. I have a 2.5 yr old black lab mix. She is spade and friendly. I have been told she has a luxating patella. The surgery will cost in the area of $800.oo which I simply do not have. If you know of any resources I could get a hold of that would be great!

    Thank you

  94. My 6 year old min pin has bladder stones, and he needs surgery, $1500.00. I have no idea how to pay for this i need help.. i am the only one working and there is no extra money.. his name is Jesse and he is my boy,, he is having a real hard time going pee,, it is only a matter of time,, please help……

    1. did u receive help . my dog has bladder stones and its just a matter of time . I need help to but don’t knw what to do.terri

  95. My bulldog needs a acl surgery for the 3rd time i dont have the money i can do a payment plan if a othro vet will be willing to work with me can someone help me i in nyc thanks

  96. I just found out my little female Mali-poo named Candy has oxalate bladder stones and it causes painful urination and possibly death due to bladder blockage and can’t be cured without surgery. The surgery costs around $800 and I recently lost my job and have used up what little savings I had-I’m in serious need of help. She is only 4yrs old and me and my son are very attached to her. If there is any financial help anyone knows of please contact me asap..I do not want to consider the other option the vet has given me which is to put her down because I just can’t bare it. I’m told she can live a perfectly fine life with just a change of diet after this operation. Seems a waist of life not to help her 🙁

  97. 2 year old lab/pry mix needs surgery to correct Luxating Patella Grade 2 to 3. condition is not very common in large dogs, but lucky me we are faced with this condition. He is large dog 98 lbs, not over weight Dr. states weight is ideal he is just tall. But surgery will be costly due to size. Luke is the worlds most awlsome dog and so gentle hearted and just loves everything . I just don’t know where to go to find help in paying for his surgery. .
    Can someone please give me some advise. T

  98. my 2 year old lab has grade 2 -3 luxating patella and needs to have surgery, can anyone please help direct to a place they might be able to help me pay for this surgery. My other alterative is to get him a brace until I can afford surgery but even the brace is around $1,200.

  99. Our dog Journey is a dog we adopted about 12 years ago, he is an American Staff. Terrier who recently started limping and after being looked at by an Orthopedic vet surgeon who indicated that he has nerve damage they said he is going to need blood work, chest X-rays and an MRI 3000.00 dollars to even determine what kind of surgery he will most likely need to help him. They are talking about thousands of dollars which we cannot afford but at the same time we want to desperately help our family member so he doesn’t suffer. Please help with any info.

    Thank You
    Johnson Family

  100. My dog, a newfoundland, has a torn ACL on her left leg. I have blood cancer and on SSA. PLEASE PLEASE HELP ME! I dont know what to do!. Chotty cant walk, she cries so much. Help me please. I need you.

  101. somehow while i was at work yesterday, my dog hurt his paw. Last night he wasn’t really weight baring much when I brought him out back for a piddle. He went to jump up into the house and fell down crying. Brought him to the vet this morning and it turns out that out of the 5bones in his left rear paw – 4 are broken!! He now needs surgery to fix it. I’m a single mother who’s just managed to get off disability and am still just trying to catch up on bills, feed us and keep us off the system…I’m devastated to put it lightly. The thought of not having my Bosley around is breaking my heart. Anyone know any ideas that might help him (and me) out in this??

  102. I have a newfoundland who suffered a knee injury last year, April 2012… I was able to speak to my vet and have the surgery done and pay $200 per month. I have blood cancer and live on social security disability. However, I worked all my life until I was diagnosed ten years ago. One year later from Apri. 2012, Chotty (my companion) suffered another ACL injury to her left knee. However this time, I don’t have enough money to pay the four grand fast enough. I don’t blame the vet, I am ever so thankful to them. But my dog is only four years old. I got Chotty as a companion dog because of my medical issues (anti-phospho lipid antibody syndrome (APS for short). This illness causes blood clots, and I’ve suffered two strokes, a pulmonary embolism, gangrene in my right hand, as well as clots in my kidneys. Due to the strokes, I suffered brain damage and it was suggested that I get a companion dog… Chotty. I so need help. I really don’t know what to do. Please any direction would be helpful. Please help me? Lauren Shepherd… 773-857-6069.

  103. My name is Lauren M. Shepherd. I have a companion dog because of health reasons, (spina bifida, catastrophic cardiac anti-phospho lipdid anti-body syndrome ‘APLA’, due to my medical problems, I’ve had 3 strokes, a PE, gangrene in my right hand, clots in my kidneys, as well as bowel obstructions). My doctors recommended a companion dog, & a NewFoundland because of their wonderful laid back nature, my companion is perfect for panic disorders, and keeping me alive and interested in life. I can’t put into words what she has done for me. Last year, April, 2012, she had surgery for an ACL, and a year later, March, 2013, she suffered another one. My vet, Blum Animal Hospital has been wonderful, since I am on social security, they agreed to let me pay for the first surgery $200 per month. However, they cannot and will not help me with the 2nd surgery. Its not like she is going to have another ACL, she has run out of back knees! I so need help… Chotty is crying so much, even with medication. I give her fishoil, glucosiman, plus two different types of pain meds. I so know there are many, many, animals that need help… but, please, I’m begging you… please, please help me? Please?

  104. My name is Luanne and i have a 3 year chow chow . and needs knee surgery to repair a torn tendant . My vet said it cost $3700 . and my husband is disabled gets ssd. i am not working due to all happening. i do not have the funds to get this done. she is so young still. If any knows how i can get assistance or if they can help please let me know.

  105. My name is Rita I have a 10 month old bull mastiff and husky who has a left hind leg oblique fracture with 2 fragments and a fracture of the proximal fibula. the fracture is half way between the knee and the hip. The surgeon says everyday we postpone the surgery it puts her closer to dying we are trying not to have her leg removed, but if we do not get help we are going to have to remove the leg.

  106. I am my mother’s primary caregiver, which means I am not working. I took on my nephew’s lab/mastiff care when he was sent overseas with promises of money for care, vet bills fence etc. Which now have become dead promises. In short , Johnny’s is 2 yrs old and my options are SPCA, euthanasia or begging for the $4,110.00 cost of his surgery. Can you please advise me on anyone who can help with this?

    Thank you for your help.

  107. I am in Chicago, IL-p’ and am desperate to say the least. This ingury happened in April, 2013, and now it is March, 2014…. Chotty’s knee is not much better… The vet says if she doesn’t have surgery soon she’ll end up crippled… And with a dog her size, she’ll die.— Please Help!!

  108. My dacshund has 3 slipped discs and cannot walk. My vet said the surgery will cost up to 7 thousand dollars. I really need help.

  109. My Pit/Sharpi Mix has total Hip Dysplasia, I was let go from my job of 25 years and am currently unemployeed and can not afford to get them replaced, she currently is having a really hard time with her right side and I love her so much,

    is it possible to get help from someplace to help pay for her surgery, I have checked with the U of M in minnesota and they advise me it can cost up to $6200 for just one hip and she has it in both hips. however the right is the worst, I love this dog so much and don’t wish to have anything happen to her.

    Please let me know where I might be able to get some assistance to help with the Medical cost
    Sincerly Rose Murphy

  110. Hello,

    I am completely devastated and heartbroken for by 8 1/2-year-old beagle, Sophie. Sophie is the sweetest dog you’ll ever meet, a gentle soul.

    She was limping on her right foot for the past couple of months, took her to the vet and they gave her anti-inflammatory and pain medication. About 12 days ago she could not use her left foot at all! Back to the vet we went. Come to find out she has a torn ACL and needs surgery that will cost up to $5000.

    I don’t know if there’s anyone out there that can help? We are in desperate need. I don’t need the money for myself, and can go directly to the vet. If anyone is out there Who can help please, please let me now. Desperate in California.

    1. Hello Sophie’s Mom,

      You posted quite a bit ago so you may have already found a solution. I just wanted to let you know that it sounds like they are quoting you for a TPLO procedure as they generally cost $2500-$4500 per surgery. The more traditional ACL Surgery generally runs between $1200- $2500 per surgery. If they are quoting you $5000 for an ACL Surgery, it may be time to find a new Veterinarian. Hope this helps.

  111. My furbaby Sadie is 15. She’s Rednose /cur mix. She’s never been over weight and in good health. But in 2009, late in the evening she ran across the back field and and there was a recently tree that had been cut down. Apparently she got her right leg caught in one of the branches while running ( is the best I can figure since I didn’t see what happen ) but I heard her yelp as if she had been kicked ! Then I seen her coming across the yard on her but in a sitting position with her right leg dragging behind her. My boyfriend at the time instantly grabbed a chair and went to her placed both his arms under her belly sat down in the chair and then slowly place her in his lap with her legs hanging on each side of his. He gently rubbed her from her neck to her back . Then he took both hand and did the same thing on both sides. He did this for what seemed like forever and then he says did you hear that ? I was crying so I said no. He said, the bone is back in place. Well, as soon as that happened , Sadie was licking his hand. He kept rubbing a bit linger hut she was ready to walk now . A little soar but she seemed good. I put a heating pad in her bed and got some ani-inflammatories. But in 2013 I noticed she had started losing weight around her hips, having problems getting up the stairs to the house, standing , she has tremors in her back legs, she’ll lean until she finally sits, she can’t get up quick enough so she poop and pees on herself, but I’ve also noticed that she acts as if she doesn’t know she’s having to go ? I saved enough for an office visit / check up . I was told that they could hear her heart good on the left side but not the right. Meaning that she probably has a mass on the outside wall of her heart. But without and $ 85 X-ray . We wouldn’t know that for sure. And from the looks of her hips and back , without c- rays, an MRI and blood word I can only say these are the signs of an aging animal. If there’s anything else going on , we want find them without doing these test . Then we treat her according to what we find. Now I’m in tears ! I’m 100% disabled and live on an income of 810.00 mo. Below the poverty level. Up until this Sadie has been a healthy , happy , spoiled rotten , best friend and companion . I brought her home at 5wks old. and she has been my greatest joy. I feel like now that she needs me the most I’ve let her down. If these test were done , would there be something we could do for her ? Or would they say there’s no hope? But at least I’d know for sure that I’d done all I could for her ! Not being able to afford these test, the treatment to help her get better , a person in my shoes has only one love road to walk . Death road .

  112. I adoped a dog in feb 2015 two weeks ago I took her to the vet find out she is blind in one eye and has glucoma in it she needs an operation to remove her eye that cost 2,000 money that I dont have I am on SSI

    1. Hi Jonnie,

      I am currently fostering a senior dog with Glaucoma in both eyes who is kept perfectly comfortable through the use of medicated eye drops. They cost around $40 monthly. When her previous owners left her at the shelter, her eyes were comletely covered in a thick green discharge and she was in pain. Within two days of receiving twice daily eye drops specifically prescribed for Glaucoma, her eyes became just as bright and clear as they will ever get and she felt 100% better. We realize that she will eventually need to have her eyes removed, but the drops have made a world of difference for the time being. Also, when the time comes that she requires a bilateral enucleation, our Veterinarian only charges around $600 for BOTH eyes BEFORE the rescue’s discount. $2,000 is EXTREMELY high for a single enucleation.

  113. Hello,
    My sister and her family has a dog, her name is Eva, she’s not even a year old yet. She got hit by a car, and they just paid $7000 for emergency surgery, something involving a fractured vertebrea that was putting pressure on her spinal collumb, causing severe pain. After the surgery for the first 24 hours Eva was doing great, recovering very well, wagging her tail when she saw my brother in law, eating, walking around. My sister received a call from the vet this morning (48 hours after surgery), saying that Eva is now paralyzed, and it would be another $3000 to go back in and do another surgery. My sister is devastated, and she hasn’t said anything to the kids yet. Her son saw the whole thing happen, Eva bolted out the door before he could get it closed, and ran out right in front of a truck (who didn’t stop, or attempt to stop, sped off after as if nothing happened). They were all really excited about the news yesterday that she was doing so well. The vet gave her three options…1) Give her three days to see if the issue corrects itself, (if not, three days is too late for them to go back in, and would have to have her put down), 2) Put her down, and 3) do the $3000 surgery, (which has to be paid upfront, even though they just spent a borrowed from parents, $7000 on a failed surgery). They do not have another $3000, neither does anyone in the family to help them. My sister is practically inconsolable right now. 🙁 Does anyone know of anything that they can do, or that I can do to help with Eva?

  114. My son’s dog buddy a Welch corgi mix 30lb has a acl rupture knee we were quoted 2000-4000 dollars. My son got out of the army about a year ago there’s no funds to pay for buddies surgery. We are wondering if there is any financial assistance in northern Colorado.

  115. Hello everyone,

    I live in San Diego, CA.
    My wife and I have a frenchie. We have basically kept her alive from multiple life threatening instances since she was a puppy. She is 6 years old now but she needs cataract surgery and we cannot afford one more medical issue anymore. She is the light of our life and this problem has changed her so much. Does anyone know of any nonprofit or some sort of assistance that could help us with her cataract surgery in California.

    Thank you

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  117. I live in buffalo new York.I have a 9 yr old yorkie terror I got her from a animal rescue 4 yes ago my coco nerds ear surgery and it costs $600. I am homeless I live with a friend me and my daughter and dog I love her I don’t make much a week.plz somebody help me plz!

  118. I live in Indiana and help with my Shitzu liver shunt surgery not sure where to go I am at my wits end hate asking for help but it is for my little dog

  119. My 3 year old Dottie needs TPLO sugery which I was quoted 6k. I got pet insurance now, but that doesn’t cover pre existing. I am currently unemployed awaiting approval for social security as I am unable to work with back condition. What does a person do with a surgery cost so high? He’s my baby and it needs to be done for him to go back to a normal life.

  120. Just wanted to share Leo’s story. We knew something was special about Leo from the second he was born. His momma kicked him away. Travis and I sprang into action cutting him out of the sac and kept rubbing him with a warm wash cloth until he started breathing. We kept trying and encouraging his momma to nurse him but she would drag puppies across the floor to get away from him so we took him,fed him kept him warm. He was about a pound and a half,he was so tiny he slept in the crook of my neck to keep warm.At 9 weeks old somehow he was hurt within an hour the time we were gone he sustained a spinal cord injury and pelvic fracture left untreated bc the vet’s didn’t know what was wrong it caused a huge infection. He was able to walk after that then one day he had trouble climbing up his puppy steps and we noticed his knees were just terrible popping in and out so in October he had bilateral luxating patella surgeries and bilateral stifle stabilization surgeries in both rear legs and acl repair in left leg. He was doing really well then we noticed his right rear ankle seemed like it had no muscle so we were treating with diet, exercise and CBD oil. It was working until the dog attacked him and of course had to tear the ligament in his already weak leg. He was in so much pain for so long, that’s why it is unfair this happened to him again. I do not want him to have another surgery,is there anything you can do to help little Leo?

  121. my dog Fenway is a 105 lb chocolate lab , who needs surgery on his left back knee we are still paying for his right knee that was done two years ago , it is so expensive around me the want $6000.00 for the surgery , last time we took him to a vet an hour away who charged $4000.00 and he was great , but I still owe $3000.00 I just can’t afford to do this again , I would appreciate any help ,Thank you

  122. Are there any agencies that can help with the cost of ACL surgery on a 3 year old Mastiff rescue that weighs 140 lbs? He is a gentle big guy and not overly active so his vet thinks this would help him greatly and relieve the pain he is in. Thank you

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