Prevention Protocol To Keep Your Dog’s CCL Protected: Obesity, Early Neutering, and Personal Fitness

The number one leading cause of injury for canines is a torn ACL in their hind legs. This can lead to ongoing and painful problems for your dog if left untreated. While there are many treatment options ranging from a variety of surgeries, as well as non surgical solutions,ultimately  prevention is the best protocol. So,…

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How To Prevent Knee Injury In Your Rescue Dog: You May Be Able To Help Prevent The Trauma Of Knee Injury

A Rescue Dog With His Owner

  Our furry children come into our lives sometimes as puppies, but also as grown abandoned dogs in need of a home and love. With hind knee injuries being the most common among canines, there is a lot that can be done if we have our dogs since puppyhood to prevent the tearing of the…

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