close SupportRx Injured Dog Support System by Topdog
close SupportRx Injured Dog Support System by Topdog

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Tightrope Surgery with Swivel Lock – Brian

Brian was the biggest pup of his litter. Now I know not to pick the biggest, since they are more prone to problems often. At 8 1/2 years his right knee went out. That was one week ago. Given his age and the size of this American Bulldog (120 lbs), I was not sure what […]

Dog Ligament Repair Surgery

A Tightrope Repair Surgery Story – Lucas

The decision to have surgery. My dog, Lucas, is a very active/jumpy 3 year old pitbull / boxer mix. I noticed some lameness in his leg about a year ago, but it seemed to go away on its own. The real problem started after introducing my boyfriend’s 2 year old lab mix to him. They […]

Dog Tightrope ACL Surgery

My Decision to Pursue Tightrope Surgery – Mousse

I adopted Mousse, a pure bred chocolate lab, a little over 2 years ago – she was 15 months old. In the words of my vet, Mousse is exuberant. She was always ready to run, fetch, swim etc. etc. Then, about 6 months ago, she started having problems with her back right leg. I took […]

Dog Knee Surgery Post Op

Tightrope Surgery Experience – Ben

I am an Office Manager at an animal hospital, and I love to bring my dog with me to work every day. His name is Ben, and he is a Golden Retriever. When the story begins, he weighed 115 lbs. In early June, I had brought Ben to work. We we playing fetch in the […]