TTO Surgery – Coco the Chocolate Lab

TTO Surgery for Dogs – Coco The Chocolate Lab’s Story

Coco is doing fine. She is now putting her foot to the floor for balance although she is not putting her full weight on it.

She has just undergone her 2-week review and had the stitches removed. She has a further check up in 2-weeks time and then x-rays to see how everything is healing.

The hardest thing i have found to date after the initial blood bruising and swelling stage, is keeping her calm and her mind active for the first 30 days that she has to be caged.

We play hide and seek with her throughout the day with dog treats and 2 egg cups. If she finds the treat she gets the reward, very simple but very effective, after being cooped up in a cage all day.

Although on a light food prior to the operation, due to the lack of exercise and to prevent weight gain, Coco’s current diet consists of 1 tin of chappie (vet recommended) with boiled carrots and white cabbage per day.

The following post operative TTO surgery details are taken straight from the aftercare notices that were given to us on the day of Coco’s operation:

1-30 days after TTO

Total Rest
1 – No steps, stairs, jumping on to beds or chairs.
2 – No slippery floors.
3 – On the lead at all times while outside.

30 – 45 days after TTO

start lead exercise only
1st day 3 x 5 minute walks, then increase each walk by 2 minutes each day
so day 2 3 x 7 minute walks, day 3 = 3 x 9 minute walks an so on
45th day 3 x 35 minute walks

45-60 days after TTO

stay at 3 x 35 minute walks
review and x-ray (radiographs)

60 – 90 days after TTO

can have increasing off the lead exercise on flat ground, stay away from ditches, dykes, embankments and wooded areas
DO NOT engage in any stick, ball or frisbee games

90 days+ after TTO


Coco’s TTO Surgery Photos

TTO 4 Week Recheck

She had a slight click in her knee, but we were told not to worry at this stage. She no longer has to be caged, but we choose to do so because we have another Labrador and when playing together they can be quite boisterous so we are currently not taking any chances.

Coco started her 5 min walks after her 4 week check up and is now on 21 minutes 3 times per day, flat ground only and on her lead, she is thoroughly enjoying her new found freedom. Although her full weight is still not put on her injured leg, she has not once raised her leg off the ground.

At the checkup the vet measured the tops of her thighs, there is currently 6.5cm between her right and left. We have been told although this will improve over the next few months it will never be the same size as the other leg.

Coco has adapted really well to her current routine and the restrictions do not appear to have affected her at all. It’s the over anxious owners that appear to be the cause of any disruptions in her routines.

When you feel her leg, you can feel the screws and the plate. We were told this is ok and quite normal and her fur, which is growing back nicely and will make this less noticeable.

She goes back in one month for x rays, to review how the surgery has healed.

3 thoughts on “TTO Surgery – Coco the Chocolate Lab

  1. I am so glad to hear that she is doing well. I have a shepherd/Rottie cross also called Coco, who has just had the same op. I was really concerned that she wasn’t puttig weight on the leg when standing, although she seems to be walking without too much discomfort. You have helped put my mind at rest that at the 2 1/2 week stage, this is quite normal. I can relax a bit now that it has all worked and she will be able to enjoy her walks again soon. Good luck with it all. I haven’t been this stressed since my children were babies.

  2. About a week ago, my Beagle threw out her back leg and limped. Got to see the vet and was told she damaged her legiment. She said we did not have to make a decision right now. That was on Friday. On Sunday night, she threw out her other leg. Saw the Vet the next day. Still waiting to hear from the surgeon as to whether he will be repairing both legs at the same time. I would think that would make sense since she can’t walk on either one right now. I guess you never know the right answer. It’s just so sad to watch.

  3. Interesting! So nice to find someone else who has done the same proceedure!,  Of course, I can see the x-ray similarities between CoCo and my own Stetson and Rave.  Coco’s scar, I see, is on the outside of her leg.  My two are both on the inner aspect.  Tho, I can see either would provide easy access for the implant.

    This is a relatively new (in this country) proceedure.  I am so happy to know someone else has had access to it and done this surgery. I was lucky with both dogs in that swelling was very minimal and they would toe touch and able to bear beight the first day.  I was amazed.

    CoCo must now be about 7 months post op!  WOOHOO!  Past that magic 6 month point!  How is the leg now?  She must be back to her old self.

    Raven is at 19 weeks (4.5 months) post op.  She has graduated baasic PT, but i signed her up for and additional 4 sessions of the underwater treadmill.  Otherwise, we go up to the lake,just about daily for nice long walks and some trotting.

    Stetson is at 10 weeks (2.5 months).  Today is is post op x-ray. He is a very active boy… even “on lead” it is hard to hold him down. Last week he was tethered to the deck. I was with him when out of the blue a woodchuck came into the fenced yard and down next tothe shed. Poor boy got excited and while i got him controlled and in the house PDQ, he came up lame for a few days… better now.

    Write back about CoCo! I can’t tell you how excited I am to find another TTO.

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