close SupportRx Injured Dog Support System by Topdog
close SupportRx Injured Dog Support System by Topdog

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TTA Surgery for Dog Knees

TPLO and TTA Surgeries – Zuma

TPLO and TTA Surgery for Dogs – Our Experience The first knee was repaired in 2008 by a freelance orthopedic vet (surgeon) using the TPLO procedure, on our then 8 yr old lab/pit mix, 55 pounds. The repair went well, recovery time was rather uneventful, we were patient and forewarned of what to expect. The […]

TTA Surgery Bandage

TTA Surgery Recovery Advice – Lucy

Lucy is an energetic, athletic Sheprador (Australian Shepherd/Lab Mix). At this writing, she is 3 1/2 years old. I believe that Lucy’s initial injury occurred when she was about a year old when she stepped in a deep hole at a dog park while tearing around. She is pretty tough and did not seem disabled […]

Physical Therapy for Dog Ligament Surgery

Bilateral TTA and Physical Therapy – Kendra

My Kendra slipped and fell on a very icy day in my yard. She was running and hit an ice patch in the yard with a slight slope. At 180 lbs, she hit so hard that the gouge in the yard where she hit remained for a year. She tore both ACL’s to near complete […]

Dog TTA Surgery for ACL

TTA Surgery on Both Knees – Lacey

Our 6 year old yellow lab tore her first ACL 2 years ago. After 4 months of limping and unsuccessful medications we had a traveling surgeon Do a TTA. She came home with 15 pages of instructions. It took months but she did finally regain all use of that leg. Recently she tore The ACL […]