TTA Surgery Recovery – 2 Weeks, Timber’s Story

Canine TTA Recovery

It has been 1 week since Tim’s TTA surgery, and she is now starting to get very playful. It’s going to be difficult to keep her quiet. Her surgical line from the TTA is beautiful, bruising and swelling are completely gone.

Days 8 and 9 were uneventful. Timber is enjoying the great weather, and she is putting more weight on her leg with each day.

Days 10 and 11 we had been working around the outside, so I decided to let Timber on the deck; I had both sets of stairs baby gated so she could enjoy the outside. Well… I suddenly hear my husband yelling, so I quickly run to the back of the house to find that Timber jumped over the gate!! She seemed to be fine but back in the bathroom she went.

I gave her a pain pill and her anti-inflammatory and she rested for the remainder of the day.

Dog Knee Surgery

Day 12, Timber seems to be okay since she decided to jump the baby gate. She is definitely becoming more active…I am reminding her and myself that its only been 2 weeks, and she still has a good 4-5 weeks to go until fully healed from the TTA surgery.

Day 13-14, it’s been 2 weeks since surgery. Timber will be going in for suture removal on Thursday, and I am very pleased to say that she never once licked or bit at her incision – mommy is so proud of her!

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