TTA Surgery- Fry

TTA surgery

This story is hot off the presses as we are on day 9 of what I expect will be a lengthy process. Fry is our 6-year-old Corgi mix (looks all Corgi to me). All these years he has been happy and healthy until the second week of July 2015. We have an acre of land full of rabbits and one early morning Fry took chase after one. The rabbit escaped but we noticed that Fry had a bit of a limp upon his return to the porch. Before heading inside, Fry decided to do his business and that’s when we saw
it happen. There was a visible jerk in his leg as he squatted, and after that he avoided putting his weight on the rear right leg and limped inside.

We assumed he’d pulled a muscle. He’d done it before. We decided to give him the weekend to recover but we noticed that it wasn’t improving. Combining the lack of change over three days and the visible popping/jerk of his leg when the injury occurred, we decided a trip to the vet was in order.

And we were right. To make the story shorter, a cruciate ligament rupture was diagnosed (fairly quickly) and we were presented the options for repair/management. We ultimately decided on TTA, due to Fry’s weight and activity level. One week after the injury, he was in for surgery.

TTA surgery

I’ll spare the rest of the details and let you know that the procedure went well (approx. 1 hr operation) and the first 7 days were spent in veterinary boarding for monitoring purposes. We regained control of Fry on day 8. 

He had been on “bed-rest” all afternoon with only short trips outside for relief. Within hours of getting him home upon his first relief “walk,” we discovered a clicking/popping noise coming from the recovering leg. He had already been putting 70-80% of his weight on it, and I assumed
something had failed in the hardware.

We made the hour trip back to the surgeon to have it looked at and nothing seemed to be the matter. The surgeon could not reproduce the clicking. We were told all about the possibility of meniscus tears (Fry did NOT have the meniscus released during his procedure), and were told to let him rest a few more days and to keep an eye on him.

It is now day 9 and again the clicking/popping has presented. There doesn’t seem to be any additional lameness, he continues to bear weight and the clicking seems to appear sporadically. I managed to get it on video/audio and will be presenting it to the surgeon/assistant when the sutures are to be removed on Saturday.

The saga continues and while I’d like to call this a complete success, I am afraid the success part is on hold. If updates are allowed I will certainly add them. Cross your fingers for us!

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  1. Same issue around the same time after TTA surgery popping sound from the leg. Are there any updates? I’m freaking out!

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