TTA Surgery on Both Knees – Lacey

Dog TTA Surgery for ACLOur 6 year old yellow lab tore her first ACL 2 years ago. After 4 months of limping and unsuccessful medications we had a traveling surgeon Do a TTA. She came home with 15 pages of instructions. It took months but she did finally regain all use of that leg.

Recently she tore The ACL in her other leg. We found a fantastic Vet in Faribault MN that does both TTA and TPLO. Lacey got a TTA like the first, but our experience was SO much better. We actually met the surgeon and felt a lot more informed. Lacey just got her staples out and is started on a rehab program. She is nearly normal already! Lacey is doing fantastic and we actually saved $1000 over the first surgery. It pays to do research and shop around. Our Vet did not refer us, we did our own homework.

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