close SupportRx Injured Dog Support System by Topdog
close SupportRx Injured Dog Support System by Topdog

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TPLO vs. Traditional Repair in Large Dogs – Jake

Our family pet, Jake is a 3yo Golden Retriever. We basically noticed when he was about two, when he ran or joined us hiking he would be sore. One day he was playing in the snow and he fell through and came in the house breathing heavy and it was real difficult for him to […]

Dog Needs TPLO for Knee

TPLO Surgery for Large, Active Dog – Benson

Benson just had his last check up at 7 weeks after his TPLO surgery. He can now gradually start resuming his normal activities. We agonized over which method to persue after we learned he had a complete tear of his CCL. TPLO sounded so grusome! We did a lot of research, including talking to a […]

Rosie 002

TPLO Surgery Complications & Staph Infection – Rosie

My 1-yr old rottweiler, Rosie, suffered a right broken leg in May 2010. In Nov. 2010, she had TPLO surgery in an Orthopedic Hospital to repair the CCL and correct the angles in her leg. Two weeks post-op, she developed severe swelling in her leg & abdomen, and a fever. I took her to my […]


TPLO Surgery Experience – Hannah

Hi my name is Hannah and I had my TPLO surgery on March 8th 2011. [ad#medsquareright250] I stayed one night in hospital and came home with so many meds my owners didn’t quite know what to think! For the first week I was given Percocet every 8 hours for pain and antibiotics every 12 hours […]