TPLO Surgery Experience – Hannah

Hi my name is Hannah and I had my TPLO surgery on March 8th 2011.

I stayed one night in hospital and came home with so many meds my owners didn’t quite know what to think! For the first week I was given Percocet every 8 hours for pain and antibiotics every 12 hours for infection, which I didn’t have. Plus, I was given 1/2 meloxicam tablets for the first 10 days. I really hated all those pills I had to take because they made me feel weird.

My mom did most of the rehab with me because my dad has a very busy job, he’s a shift worker. I had a sling and a harness so I could go up and down our stairs easier when I had to do potty breaks. I only used the sling for 2 weeks because after that mom just used the harness to help me go slowly up and down our stairs. I’m not on any pain meds now or antibiotics because I’m healing really well. My dr was really good – he didn’t use stitches so I don’t have to go back to have anything removed.

I go back for my xray on May 2nd, which will be 8 weeks post surgery. I am now 24 days in. I’ve been to my vet for a check up and she says I’m doing great.

I start rehab at The Spaw on April 13th. I think that will help me to use my leg without limping as much and it will help build muscle. I can’t wait to go for my first long walk in the park where we would go before my surgery all the time. I dream about it every night. The lake where I watch the ducks swim and all the great huge sticks I love to carry. I think that’s my favorite part of the walk. I know my mom and dad are doing what’s best for me right now because they love me so much. They bought me a big kennel we keep in our living room, but I hate it in there so I get to lay on my ortho bed outside of it.

I’ll keep you all updated on my progress as I go. Thank you for letting me tell my story.


3 thoughts on “TPLO Surgery Experience – Hannah

  1. Well, Hannah, it’s been about five months since the surgery. How are you doing? Hopefully all has and is still going well for you. Are the ducks still one of your favorite things to watch, or have you found some new things that also make you happy?

    1. I am doing very well now. I get to ride inside my mom and dad’s truck because it’s easier and I won’t hurt my knee again. I still love going to my favourite park where the ducks are. My knee has been so good now that my dad and I go for nightly walks which are 10,000 steps because he’s on a diet and I’m helping him by cheering him on while we’re walking.I’m going to be 8 in a couple months and I think i’ll do fine with the other knee as we’ve had no problems at all with it,( touch a big chew stick).I do take Recovery SA everyday with my morning meal, 4 for me because of my weight. They are giving on how much you weigh. I get them at my pet store, they are pretty .expensive but well worth the money. Thank you for asking about me

  2. Hannah,
    Building good muscle on the affected leg will go a long way to avoiding injuring the other side. It’s great to do some decent walking! Keep up the good work!

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