TPLO Repair Surgery on Second Leg – Tilly

This is Tilly’s second knee ligament repair. For her second ACL surgery we chose TPLO. Her left hind leg was done in 2006, and our Vet told us that her right leg had a predisposition to this type of injury, and she has the scars to prove it!

This last surgery came about because we noticed her favoring her left leg, and decided to let her rest and restricted her activity for two weeks. We were noticing her getting better, but then came the HUGE snowstorm!!! Tilly is in heaven when playing in snow, so it was only a matter of time… Lo and behold our lovable and playful doggie was lame. She could put no weight on her leg, and alas, the Vet recommended surgery for her repair.

We took Tilly in on Monday for the operation, she stayed overnight and was able to come home on Tuesday morning. Our home is an upside down house which means our living area is upstairs so it was a challenge the first two days to heft her 90lb. butt up and down that back deck stairs for her to do her business. She did not poop until two days home (4 days after surgery) and when she did she seemed much relieved as we were. Tilly is still recovering and we will keep you informed. We believe rest and love will have Tilly back on her feet and playing in the snow and on the beach in no time.

4 Week Update:

Tilly was doing great and then another snow storm came and her outside brakes were a bit harder to maneuver and she twisted her bad leg. Doc says she just needs more time to recover and so it is a slow process. She is putting weight on her injured leg now so we are glad about that. No more helping her up our staircases!! I am glad it happened in the winter because come spring she will be raring to get into the ocean.

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  1. I appreciate this and similar sites, and wanted to add my comments. Our dog Molly, a 70 lb, 9.5 year-old mutt, is about to have her 2nd TPLO procedure in a few weeks on her right knee. First one was almost 2 years ago on the left knee, and after not even being able to touch her leg to the ground, she was able to walk quite normally just two days after the procedure. I think it’s fine for many of you to attempt Conservative Management, but PLEASE – be absolutely certain that your pet is not in pain. Dogs are masters at hiding pain, and if your dog is limping, there is definitely pain going on there. One of the better products I’ve used for joint health is Synovi, which has Glucosamine, Creatine, Omega 3 Fatty Acids, & Amtioxidents. It’s not the cheapest (Around $58 for 120 servings – Molly needs just over 2 servings a day), and it’s NOT a pain med. Molly did not tolerate several of the anti-inflamatory meds, but can take Metacam. Also, a VERY inexpensive prescription pain med that is usually well-tolerated is Tramadol (I can purchase 100 50 mg pills for less than $10 at Vetline here in Fort Collins, CO). One more good tool – Petsmart sells a device call “Lift-n-Aid” (I think I paid ~$35.00) – It’s a mobility harness – easy to put on, comfortable; has a handle for you to help support your dog’s weight when dealing with leg issues. If your dog is showing signs of pain or stiffness, try to ice their knee joint a couple times a day (either with a frozen bag of peas or a gel-pack – make sure to have a thin cloth so you’re not putting the frozen product directly on your dog) Try for 8 to 10 minutes at a time if possible. Yes, the recovery time for surgery is long, and you have to be diligent. No stairs (one or two is probably OK, but going up a flight of stairs once a night for bed time can cause painful pressure to an already comprimised
    leg. Best of luck to all of you!

    1. My boxer is about to have her second as well, almost same scenario as yours. Have you all decided to do the tplo again, or TTA?

  2. Hi Celina – For us, the TPLO was the only choice we considered. If you do the research, the TPLO tends to have a more reliable positive outcome. Don’t get me wrong – TTA and other procedures can be very effective choices with great outcomes, and are usually less costly. I guess I feel like I’m buying a bit of insurance by paying a little more for the TPLO. Sorry your boxer has to go through this, but I wish you speedy, uneventful recovery. Keep me posted!

    1. So we were able to go ahead and do the tta…… it wasnt a matter of cost for me as the difference is only a few hndred dollars…. but a matter of recooperation time. The surgery is mush less invasive and they heal sooooooo much faster. Granted her knee looks a little pointy with the tta, but she recovered sooooo much faster. I dont care how the knee looks as longs as my babys able to use her leg. The TTA was really good for us as it took about the half the time to revover….. She is about 5 months out, fully recovered and has no restrictions. Glad to see doja back to herself again! Also, the amount of pain with the tplo is much much greater….. she didnt even cry with the tta

  3. Our gal, KayCee (lab/retriever cross) is just now 16 weeks post first and second TPLO surgery – first one was May 2010, just as she was starting to walk off leash, (late Sept) she blew her other leg! Four months and back to where we started!! We are now 9 months of TPLO rehab and seeing the light at the end of the tunnel!! Our gal is amazing considering she has a 2 year old sister (chocolate lab – Rooty – who didn`t help much with the confinement issues!) Be patient, follow your vet`s instructions and if we can help with suggestions or advice, please email!!
    (The x-pen saved our sanity! You cannot confine a 2 yr old lab in a kennel for 8 weeks or longer)
    KayCee is now running, jumping, and rolling like the 3 yr old that she is!!

      1. It`s short for exercise pen. Any good pet store will carry them – but check out your local classified ads for a used one.
        It`s metal panels that fold out into a circle – it`s usually used in place of a kennel for leaving pets secure indoors or out. They come in different heights and lengths.
        We put her kennel in the corner of our living room with the pen around it allowing enough room for her to lie in the kennel or in front of it, but not enough room to move around a lot. This way she was still with us but kept contained.
        Are you going through a TPLO situation? If you like I can email a picture of our X-Pen set up – I can`t see how to add it to this post…
        Good luck!

        1. ok…Thanks …a picture would be great! My email is My dog is having a TPLO on Monday. He is 5 months post op on the othe leg. I just posted his story! I have a childrens playpen area and I think it may be similar to what you are talking about…

  4. My dog Oscar, a 1 year old Portugese water dog, had the TPLO surgery yesterday. He was attacked my another dog last summer and thats how he got hurt, and we waited till he was full grown. I knew he would be in pain, but he seems so uncomfortable. I got him to eat a bit and drink some water last night, but he won’t go to the bathroom. Is this common? We help him by putting a towel under his stomach to help support him, but he just looks at us with such a sad look because it is so awkward. Any advice on the first few days would be appreciated. I just feel so bad for him!

  5. I have read on all the sites that it is not uncommon for them to not go to the bathroom for even a few days – restricted food the day before surgery and then not eating much right after.
    We used the towel just to prevent slipping on the way out to the yard and then let KayCee do her business while on the leash – she tolerated it well after a few days.
    Here is a great website with terrific info:

    Good luck!!

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