TPLO Ligament Surgery – Taylor

Lab Dog Knee LigamentOur 3 1/2 year old yellow lab has had hind lameness after exercise for several months now. We tried rest and anti inflammatory meds for 3 weeks with no results, so finally had her examined and x-rayed.

She was diagnosed with a torn CCL, with some arthritis in her affected knee. It was a very difficult decision to make whether to operate or do conservative management. I spent nights crying about the consequences of both, and finally decided on the TPLO.

She was operated on 2 days ago and we brought her home yesterday. I was amazed that she was doing so well with some slight weight bearing on the affected leg, but was shocked at the swelling and bruising that resulted after the TPLO surgery. She is eating, drinking, peeing and pooping, and we hope that she remains infection free on her road to recovery. I am still on the fence with regards to my choice, but we shall soon see. Lots of friends have had success with TPLO surgeries on their dogs so I hope to have the same results.

Our dog was also part of a clinical trial involving CCL injury and TPLO surgery. She will be followed closely post op with regards to her gait, weight and hydro therapy.

3 thoughts on “TPLO Ligament Surgery – Taylor

  1. I believe that surgery is the best option for young active dogs. We too have been through a tough decision process and surgery was what we decided to do. Jasmine ended up having to have surgery on both her knees, but she is doing great now.

    The bruising and swelling does look heartbreaking, but the good thing is that from the day of the surgery Taylor is on his way to get his life back. I was counting the days and then it too passed.

    I believe it is important to tell others about ligament injuries awareness. Minor injury should improve within 7 to 10 days. If no improvement in that time, the leg should be checked by a veterinarian. The longer the knee remains unstable, the more arthritis develops.

    Love and speedy recovery to Taylor!

  2. My 6 y/o 65lb pit mix is going under the knife next week. The surgeon who is highly regarded and has performed more than 1000 CCL repairs does TTA and TPLO only. He said that he wont know which of the two my dog will get until he gets in there and looks. Dont most people know which procedure their dog is going to get before the day of the surgery?

  3. my yellow lab also had the tplo surgery 6 months ago. now the other knee went out also. she will have surgery on it in 1 week. does anyone know if this surgery last for years? my dog is 9 now.

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