TPLO On Two Legs Within One Year – Pilot

Our Dogue de Bordeaux (very large at 145 lbs) had his 1st TPLO in June 2011 for a partially torn CCL and his 2nd TPLO a couple of weeks ago (other knee) with a again a partially torn CCL and Meniscus. He is now 16 days post op and doing well. His 2 week check up show’s he’s right where he needs to be, lateral movement is as it should be, we’ve started passive range of motion therapy for him and will continue to support him with his sling for at least 4-6 more weeks (snow and ice on flagstones), so we don’t risk him slipping and injuring the new surgical leg. He does have controlled walking on the “lawn” where he has solid footing. I think we’re the only place that shovels their yard…LOL

We had Fabulous results with his first leg, No residual limping at all even after agressive play/exercise. Kudos to our surgeon, Dr. G. Bouck and his staff!

After care, they tell me can either make or break the success of the surgery. Take nothing for granted, do your best and be diligent.

Best of luck to all in a hopefully uneventful recovery.

A few tips from one owner to another:

  • Inexpensive, non slip flooring – Wal-Mart Puzzle pieces kids playroom floor
  • X-Large dogs – an X-Pen is ideal more room for you to sit with them while icing and heat
  • Lots of tummy rubs, massages, hugs and kisses….. (that’s the easy part)

5 thoughts on “TPLO On Two Legs Within One Year – Pilot

  1. I am thinking about possibly doing this for my 90 lbs. Migyeon dosa. I was wondering what the quote was from Dr bouck. Such a large range in prices it seems. Obviously her health is the # 1 concern but pocket book is a close second.

  2. Did you find the second surgery a harder or easier recovery than the first? My American Bulldog (90lbs) had his first TPLO in May and we found out yesterday he tore the other. We have already scheduled the TPLO surgery, but I wanted to know what to expect from others who’s pets had to have both legs done within the same year. Thank you!

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