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Molly blew out her left knee last year jumping up to bark at E.T. on the TV. She was in obvious, immediate, excruciating pain shown by the terrible howling for the first several seconds. We got her right in and had TPLO done within a few days. Over the last year she has returned to playing with our other dog and going on good 20-30 minute walks, and even some light jogging. However, she has ALWAYS struggled a bit to get from laying down or sitting to get to the standing position. She then might lightly limp for 2-4 steps before again being fine (she never had this issue before the injury). 

Two days ago she injured the other knee (which we knew was a strong possibility…85% according to the surgeon), although her initial reaction was only a minor yelp. She hasn’t done much weight bearing since, and the vet is recommending TPLO or tibial advancement surgery. We are debating between the surgery and conservative management. We have found some highly recommended glucosamine and chondroitin supplements, and have just started her on Extend Joint Care after reading some fairly miraculous stories related to results from this supplement. After some anti-inflammatory meds and a cold laser treatment today she is putting some weight on the leg, but with a very pronounced limp. Plain and simple, we want to do what is best for her, short and long term. The lengthy immobility time and limited mobility time is very tough on her, but we don’t want to see her crippled by arthritis in a few years because we opted out of surgery. Molly is a 5-year-old Airedale (of the Urang strain, a larger version of the standard Airedale). She weighs 82 pounds and is not overweight given her size. We visit the surgeon in a couple of days, and in the meantime are trying to do research. We would welcome any stories or opinions to help us decide what is best for Molly. Thanks in advance.

One thought on “Second Knee Injury Treatment Options – Molly

  1. At 80 pounds – TPLO – dont waste your money or time on anything else.
    She is only 5. You want an active dog yet.
    ONLY have a board certified Ortho Surgeon do the work, with a history of doing them every week.

  2. We had a TPLO on our Jack Russel’s second knee, best thing we ever did after the second cruiate ligament ruptured! We have spent a year recovering from both and doing exactly what the surgeon has said, taking it very easy, but he is really back to normal now, it’s just me not letting run fast at all as so scare something will break! So pleased we stuck with it for his sake as he has a great quality of life now, he is 5 years old!

    Good luck with what you decide, we wish you well xx

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