close SupportRx Injured Dog Support System by Topdog
close SupportRx Injured Dog Support System by Topdog

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T.U.S.H.: The Ultimate Support Harness for Dogs



T.U.S.H.:The Ultimate Support Harness for Dogs. This All-In-One Support Harness is everything you need to help your dog in their time of need. Whether you have an older dog having difficulty getting up stairs or into your car or your dog has recently had surgery and you are looking for a harness to help them safely navigate their recovery, T.U.S.H over-delivers when it comes to the safety and support. Not only is T.U.S.H. easy to use, it is hands-down is the BEST support harness on the market. The T.U.S.H. harness is constructed from durable nylon fabric and lined with neoprene padding for maximum comfort. The quick release buckles make for an easy application and the adjustable straps provide a secure custom fit

The Ultimate Support Harness for Dog (T.U.S.H.)

If your dog needs any kind of support, the T.U.S.H. harness is your answer. TopDog’s original support harness called SupportRx for years was the #1 support harness on the market. Now it finally it has under gone major renovations. After years of product testing, hundreds of feedback and suggestions from pet owners just like you, TopDog has finally created The Ultimate Support Harness for Dogs. The T.U.S.H. harness has everything both you and your dog need to be safe and have an improved quality of life and even better it is available at an AMAZING price. Look no further T.U.S.H. is finally here to save the day for you and your dog.

Who needs T.U.S.H. support?

  1. Great for Senior Dogs
  2. Dogs with Arthritis
  3. Limping Dogs
  4. Dogs after Orthopedic Surgery
  5. Dogs with Neurologic Problems

The Benefits of the T.U.S.H.:

  1. Easy for You- Safe and Secure for your Dog
  2. Support Your Dog Going Upstairs
  3. Support Your Dog While Walking
  4. Support Your Dog Getting Into the Car


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